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Member since: Sun Jul 7, 2019, 07:49 PM
Number of posts: 1,713

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Why are side is still sitting

is beyond me. Make a damn statement.

David Axlerod podcast

David interviewed former Obama communications director Robert Gibbs today. Both men were instrumental in the 2008 Obama campaign. Gibbs just left Iowa. He said the Biden camp is worried, low on cash and think they must finish top 3 in NH. Both don't think the SC firewall will hold, if he doesn't. Both men think that if Biden collapses that Sanders, Pete and Bloomberg will be the viable candidates going forward.

Kudos to those skipping SOTU

Those who attend are going to subjected to an absolute hammering on live national tv.

Mike Bloomberg

may have been the winner last night. If it looks like Bernie starts to surge after South Carolina, all of my friends are sending our pesos to Bloomberg. Had a text from a party operative in Orlando saying the same. Lastly, Iowa caucus system died last night. What a shit show.

Thank You Mike

Kudos to Mike Bloomberg. He has spent a fortune on helping us defeat Trump. He has been instrumental in voter registration. He was the driving force in financing VA candidates in 2019 and took on the NRA. He is running an issues based campaign and absolutely pummeling Trump on TV, radio and social media. He is not disparaging our candidates. He's in his 70s, rich and obviously not in this for fame or fortune. He's pledged to spend a billion to defeat Trump. His failings aside, he's to be commended on his assisting our side.

SOTU address

I can't imagine the fury Trump will unleash on Democrats during his address. It's going to be bad. It's going to be ugly and prime time. I can't think of a reason to attend. The members must have discussed how to react when they will be disrespected to their faces. I can see son real fireworks

Weekend in Atlanta

I spent the weekend in Atlanta with a very diverse group of adults from ages 20- 65. My son.was visiting a university for a potential soccer scholarship. I spent the weekend with Hispanics, African Americans and whites of all economic varieties. We ate meals together, talked sports, and just really enjoyed each other's company. Not one time did Trump, impeachment or related topics come up. I was very surprised because of this weekend being in the middle of impeachment hearings. I sometimes think people are going about their lives and paying far less attention than we think. I was waiting for it to come up, even as it was on tv at some of the places we gathered. It never did.

Support Biden, probably vote for Mike.

I live in Tennessee. Biden will coast here. To be honest I think he will coast everywhere in South. However, Mike has grown on me. His relentless battering of Trump, while not disparaging the others is a fresh change. . TV, radio, social media- he hammers Trump. His surrogates are not really wasting time using old votes, tweets, video, ect to go after our candidates but just a steady hammering of Trump and addressing real issues. Hell, two New Yorkers might be a fun matchup. I can only imagine the media hell Mike would reign down on Trump in a general. My vote in Tennessee really isn't relevant so I might just give it to Mike.

Trump will spin immigration ruling

by noting that the USCIS naturalized 834,000 new citizens in FY 2019. This is the highest total in 11 years. He will use this to counter any argument against his draconian immigration changes. They are playing the long game. Boundless.com is a great source for current immigration numbers and info.

Election tomorrow

The Texas state house run off that could turn blue. Beto is working it hard.
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