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Member since: Sun Jul 7, 2019, 07:49 PM
Number of posts: 1,713

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DC Mayor Muriel Bowser endorses Bloomberg

and VP chatter follows. Lots of black urban mayors supporting Mike.

Bloomberg/Clinton and Trump goes nuts

Bloomberg and the rest of our candidates have very smart strategists that work for them. A VP choice is made after much analysis. Bloomberg is a master at getting under Trumps skin. This duo would drive Trump into permanent craziness. A guy more successful and richer with the woman who got more votes. lolol. Gotta admit it's funny, if not brilliant.

A Biden/Abrams

ticket would win Florida, AZ and NC.

I'm a Democrat and not a Democratic Socialist

I can't believe our party...the party of JFK, Clinton and Obama is reasonably close to nominating an almost 80 year old Democratic socialist with an early history of fawning over leftist regimes abroad. It's a loser in middle America. I like Sanders passion, many of his ideas and will vote for him if he's the nominee. I don't think he will be but will support him. My 30 years of working on campaigns in the southeast tells me he will lose massively. The "Socialist" GOP campaign that lays wait will be unrelenting and successful. We will lose house seats in Red states and South Florida will revolt. Polls now show a close race with Trump. This before the billion dollar "Socialist" campaign and is unleashed with 5 years of opposition research and mounds of video and audio that will make much of America write Bernie off before October. Trump campaign knows who they want to run against. In 2020 a Democratic socialist may win the nomination of my party of 30 plus years. It will set us back decades. We will be Democratic socialists.

Not for easily offended but

Dave Chappell and Joe Rogan practically sold out our 18,000 seat arena in Nashville in a couple days. I'm going and know realize both take a lot of heat on here but damn they are funny

Nevada guru Jon Ralston

reporting that Culinary Union leader, Geo Kline, to comment on vicious attacks from Sanders supporters. Union leadership has received threatening calls, emails and threats to personal safety. Personal address shared.

Tomorrow I will vote for Mike with 7 of my buddies

30 days ago we had diffent candidates we supported. From Warren to Biden to Pete. Last night we, with 1100 diverse Nashvillians , watched Mike Bloomberg take it to Trump in Nashville. We are all life long Democrats that work in politics at some level. 4 white and 3 black but friends for 20 years. We saw a man who can take it to Trump. We saw a man, who unlike the rest of the field, will self finance and destroy Trump and GOP. Yes, he's not our favorite on issues but we need a damn bully to take on this bully. Trump and the GOP will swamp the rest with relentless media and a massive money advantage. . We concluded that 2020 is different. Mike is the guy Trump fears. We are all in. Mike Bloomberg will defeat Donald Trump and humiliate him.in the process.

Mike Bloomberg in town tonight

Mike had crowds in the hundreds in both Chattanooga and Nashville. Former Nashville Mayor Karl Dean and Howard Gentry, a legend of African American politics in the city, endorsed Mike. There were was an African American mayor from South Carolina that spoke. Mike seems like a guy that is willing to spend whatever it takes to beat Trump. He's a man in his 70s and doesn't need to do this. I feel he truly loves America, the opportunities it has provided him and wants to save it from Trump. He says there is no limit to the resources we will devote to defeating Trump. He's not trying to "buy" and election but spending to defeat Trump. He's sharp, on point and can self fund a take down of the GOP. He has spent almost 100 million in VA on the 2018 and 2019 House and Gov races. He's spent 25 million on voter registration drives. Like it or not it's going to take 500 million- minimum to beat Trump. Mike has that in his sock drawer. Trump likes to tout his wealth, success and business savvy. Dear Donald. Meet Mike.

If your feeling down, at least your not

the idiot wearing flip flops at my gym. He has terrible bunions and dropped a kettle bell on his left foot 15 min ago. The scream was horrific. Ambulance here and he's been down for entire time. The YMCA is silent. Unreal

Policy fatigue moved me to Team Mike

2020 if different. Democracy is at stake. To be honest any of these candidates are superior to Trump. None will have Stephen Miller or Bill Barr on thier team. That said and given the consequences , I'm so tired of policy debates or what he or she said last week or a decade ago. At this stage I don't care how you differ on health care, taxes, or climate. It's better than Trump. Period. Our nominee, after a protracted primary will be broke. Trump and GOP have about 200 million to start thier relentless campaign against our nominee. The emails and fundraising will be distracting. One Man, Mike Bloomberg can literally smash this asshole from now till Nov and he's already started. He's not trolling old tweets or video to disparage our candidates. No, he's simply savaging Trump where it hurts- his ego. Mike has money ( a dirty word I know) to destroy these dirt bags. In every stare. In every distirct. He will.
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