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Member since: Sun Jul 7, 2019, 07:49 PM
Number of posts: 1,713

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Obama, Kerry, Bill and Hillary

having to give a speech in support of Sanders convention will be awkward. I hope none of these actual screaming, yelling, socialists you see at his rallies, speaking, are not invited to speak. Tom Perez going to have some shit on his hands

With Pete out I'm bummed as hell

I'm almost checked out. A forward looking party and we are going to left with over 70, white career politicians. I'm stunned our young, progressive candidates never caught traction. Americans are sick of life long politicians.
We win historically with young. DC outsiders. I'll support whoever but I'll be honest, and many of my under 45 friends say the same, the fire isn't there anymore.

In 72 hours it will be a Democrat versus Sanders

and Joe will win.

Mayor Pete in Nashville today

Great crowd. Fantastic speech. I talked to lots of people. Joe Biden gets these votes when Pete drops out.

When was last time a Democrat over 55 was elected?

There will be turnout- it's why Joe is the man

There will be a huge turnout in Nov- no matter the nominee. We could nominate a concrete block and the last 4 years will drive a turnout. Sure, you may some sore losers on the margins but piss on them. A large turnout will help Joe. Moderates, independents, over 65- they will be comfortable with Joe. Add a young, dynamic VP and the young voters will join the campaign. If they dont- thier grievances are null and void. Joe Biden expands the map and will beat Trump. National polls, now, are irrelevant. You have to absorb an almost billion dollar onslaught of ads once nominee. Joe can. Sanders can't.

If this person was at the invite of Sanders at Seattle rally

She just wrote an ad for the GOP and she needs to be called out by our party. We are so doomed if radicals are given speaking spots. Outragous..

.."we need a powerful socialist movement to end all capitalist oppression and exploitation.

- Radical Socialist and BernieSanders surrogate, Kshama Sawant of the Seattle City Counsel.

Nate Cohn makes good Bernie observation

On the electability front, one interesting question is Arizona. For many Democrats, it's their natural and perhaps increasingly necessary backup to Wisconsin. But so far and AFAIK, Sanders hasn't led any general election poll of Arizona, including our Times/Siena poll from Oct.

Trump Anti Biden ad in SC

Looks like the President Trump's team is running a new negative ad against Joe Biden in South Carolina -- just another reminder who they fear more than anyone.

Warren strategy?

She has finished like 4th in every race. Still spending time on Bloomberg. I mean, good point but the frontrunner isn't Bloomberg and you have a week until your finished
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