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Member since: Sun Jul 7, 2019, 07:49 PM
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Support Biden, probably vote for Mike.

I live in Tennessee. Biden will coast here. To be honest I think he will coast everywhere in South. However, Mike has grown on me. His relentless battering of Trump, while not disparaging the others is a fresh change. . TV, radio, social media- he hammers Trump. His surrogates are not really wasting time using old votes, tweets, video, ect to go after our candidates but just a steady hammering of Trump and addressing real issues. Hell, two New Yorkers might be a fun matchup. I can only imagine the media hell Mike would reign down on Trump in a general. My vote in Tennessee really isn't relevant so I might just give it to Mike.

Trump will spin immigration ruling

by noting that the USCIS naturalized 834,000 new citizens in FY 2019. This is the highest total in 11 years. He will use this to counter any argument against his draconian immigration changes. They are playing the long game. Boundless.com is a great source for current immigration numbers and info.

Election tomorrow

The Texas state house run off that could turn blue. Beto is working it hard.

Bloomberg is savage and is

is absolutely pummeling Trump. On air, on radio, on TV and on social media. His ads go after Trump personally. Bloomberg strikes me as a brawler. As a self made "real" billionaire my guess is he would swamp the GOP and TRUMP with relentless character and policy assasination that would be a beauity to behold. We might just need a baller in 2020. Keep it going Mike. *Since 6am I've had 2 Sanders and Biden text begging for another couple bucks)

Joe Rogan changed my life.

Joe Rogan is a good guy who just happens to have more media influence than the cable networks combined. His podcast will be downloaded 100 million times this month. Sean Hannity AND Racheal Maddow could only dream of such a following. It's funny as this Joe Rogan nonsense blew up, I was listening to 2 hours of unfiltered talk between Joe and gay strongman Ed Kearney. Joe gives a platform to everyone and allows them to talk unfiltered and it's fucking awesome. Joe changed my life two years ago. He, his guests and a brief airport encounter helped me overcome depression and health issues. I'm now fit and feeling awesome at age 47. Joe has politicians, CEO's, scientists, fitness and health experts and intellectuals along with fellow comedians and people involved in current events. His Kevin Hart podcast was gold. He allows Abby Martin to appear frequently to advocate for the plight of the Palestinians in a way she could never do on cable. He is a passionate defender of climate change and has many podcast where he talk to top scientists. Unlike cable he allows all sides to speak unfiltered. He's not corporate owned or beholden to advertisers. If you listen to him you'll clearly know he is a social liberal for the most part. He advocates for marijuana rights, gay rights and various liberal stances. To call Joe a racist is utter nonsense and evidence of your lack of listening. Joe has said some things that are crass, inappropriate and taken out context but a racist and homophobe he isn't. Joe isnt perfect and as a comedian you can go find lots of old inappropriate things from past. Joe Rogan will only flourish under this scrutiny from advocacy groups that are sometimes unreasonable. Thanks for changing my life Joe. Im.about to listen to the new Robert Downey Jr podcast while I workout.

Be careful saying 2020 will be unfair

You have the potential of suppressing voters. Will Russia meddle? Yeah. Will there be disinformation? Yeah. If we turn out, will we win? Yes! 2018 is an example. 2019 was an example.. I feel like some are already sitting up a narrative for a defeat. We learned our lesson in 2016. We turnout, in spite of, Russian bots, voter suppression attempts and social media disinformation.... We got this.

Just left our monthly Democratic Party meeting

I live in a rural area outside of Nashville. Trump stronghold. That said, we had a huge turnout. Young, old and pissed. We usually have 25-30. 90-100 attended tonight. I took a few things away. These people will support anyone. Literally anyone to defeat Trump. Consensus was not very excited about old, white people but they will support the nominee ( and this was a group of white people!). Everyone loved Pete, Bernie was a risk but they like him and Biden would probably get nomination but little real enthusiasm for him. A state party data guru was there and was very optimistic. He said Trump hasn't expanded base and He thinks a 1.5% increase in turnout will beat Trump. Just an observation from my small town.

Why doesn't our candidate's

call Trump a racist or a bigot every time they refer to him? Is it childish? Probably but Trump needs his ego bruised daily. He picks names for our candidates and belittles them daily. I get to hear Crazy Joe and Socialist Bernie on the bus daily. Why do we seem to play by rules that applied pre 2016. Beto called Trump out daily, to the camera and to his face. If you think civility will win the day in 2020, your mistaken. I would talk about his affairs, his racism, his pussy grabbing- every day. But we won't.


I'm just not sure what another debate can tell.us about these candidates. I just don't. It's like a broken record. We know where they stand, these get pathetically low viewership and it's probably not going to move the needle.

VP picks

If the primary ends up to be long and close, I could see a candidate choosing a VP early , in attempt to get some additional traction and attempt to possibly motivate a specific denographic- especially since our front runners are older and white
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