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Member since: Sun Jul 7, 2019, 07:49 PM
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What sets Trump off

I don't know why our talking heads don't start out every interview or debate or before answering any question by stating that Trump is a minority elected President. It would remind America every day that he wasn't America's choice, add credence to policy debates and drive him bonkers.


I travel to LA frequently, have family in the area and absolutely love the city. I just returned and spent time in the Hollywood area. The homeless problem is quite stunning and seems to be worsening. I heard lots of tourists discussing it and spoke with two business owners who are considering moving thier shops due to tents up and down the sidewalks. In some areas off Vine/Sunset, the homeless simply pitch a tent and then scatter thier belongings for feet up and down side walk.I saw one gentleman in one spot the entire 4 days. You physically could not go around him. I go out 2-3 times per year and it's worsening. My sister, who lives in Veince ( 15 years now) said at times, the streets there look like a campground. A very complex problem but my guess is there will be a breaking point with residents. They are all fairly accommodating at moment- far more than most communities anyway


Talk about pulling a disappearing act. With Climate change getting more attention I thought he would be more visible. Man, to have to young guns like Bill and AL on the trail agian. Sleeves rolled up, kissing babies and youthful optimism

Still undecided

I'm still undecided in a crowded field. I live in Tennessee so, my vote is typically a protest vote. Outside of Nashville, the state is regressing. I've worked campaigns for 20 years and always been active. To be honest, I'm probably in the mold of a Warren or Sanders but I like Harris, Beto, Booker, Bullock- even Steyer. Let me say this- the Democratic nominee will get more votes than TRUMP. Period. So, when I look at head to head polls I take them with a grain of salt. How do we get to 270. That is the question. I think we have some canidates that can absolutely win Florida, Ohio and a couple that can put Texas in play. I think our nominee will win the states Clinton won. Who is best suited to win a few more. I think if we win Florida- the election is over. I actually think some of our lower tier canidates are as capable as some of our front runners at that. Enough rambling. I just hope we pick a nominee that is appealing in some key states because all of them will get more votes...

El Paso

Over the coming weeks the Democratic message should be one of unrelenting blame at the hands of those who dehumanize minorities and immigrants. Period. At every event, presser and debate. It's the racist rhetoric of Trump that creates the environment for these events to occur. Dont stop until the electuon. Mention it every day. I think this is a more devastating message for Independents and the suburbs than that of the gun argument. The gun argument is legit but never materializes and is expected. Put this at the hands of Trump. Period


Im left of Bullock and doubt he can win the nomination. However, from a strategic point of view, he would win all the states Clinton won and probably appeal to voters in Midwest AND rust belt more than most on stage tonight. I think Biden would too impressed with Steve tonight. My conservative family and friends in Montana love him
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