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Member since: Sun Jul 7, 2019, 07:49 PM
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spot on really

Neither her or Nadler will act. The House leadership has a big bark but little bite.


These hearings are a dog and pony show. There are zero repercussions for refusing to attend or simply attending and snubbing your nose at the leadership. An emboldened group of criminals that can get free airtime for video clips of them standing up to the Democrats.

I just can't get excited

I'm still undecided and to be honest not particularly excited about any of the frontrunners. I'll support, vigorously, the nominee but I was hoping for a younger canidate outside the Washington establishment. I was looking forward to the potential generational contrast on a debate stage next fall. Bill Clinton and Obama were fresh and inspiring, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton, although good people, just seemed like Wahington rehashed politicians. My hope was our party would be the face of the future and not the face of DC. Personality, not particular policy, wins General Presidential elections. Any of our canidates will win more votes, I just hope if it's Warren, Sanders or Biden- they can bring along a record turnout in the heartland to win the EC. I'll probably vote for Pete or Beto in primary. I just think they provide the best contrast to Trump going forward. Fingers crossed.

Biden will be the nominee

Joe isn't my first choice or my second but barring some catastrophic event, he's already been vetted and will be the nominee. I also think, after talking to my activist friends in Atlanta that he will pick Stacey Abrams as his running mate ( they seem to think the two have already discussed it). Agian, just my guy and early prediction from 30 years of working in the trenches.
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