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Member since: Sun Jul 7, 2019, 07:49 PM
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Unsceintific and Useless poll

So, my son is a senior in HS and I had 11 teen boys over last night. All are 18 or will be 18 before Nov 20. I asked them who they are voting for...I live in a rural town about 40 miles from Nashville. I support Biden reluctantly... So..... 8 Bernie, 2 Pete and 1 thought Beto was still in the race. Now, to be fair, these guys are not particularly engaged or active in politics. They had never heard of any of the candidates except Bernie, Beto, Biden and Pete.

Racism in Europe

is off the charts. Friends there always tell men that it's worse there than here. Today, as I watch the Tottenham v Chelsea match, stadium announcements threaten to stop match due to racist chants. I've never seen such behavior in the states at sporting events. What a disgrace.

I miss Beto but Pete

is growing on me. I support Joe but live in Tennessee so moot point really. As someone who cut my activist teeth with Bill Clinton.- there is simply somthing to young candidates.

Red face

I caught a few minutes of the rally. His face was red as beet. I was quite taken aback. He leans against those podiums. Very odd stance. I bet his BP was through the roof.

I can only dream of

A Jeffries/Kennedy ticket taking on Trump. Old versus Youth. A new generation. Reminisce of Clinton Gore.

150 House Democrats voted for border wall funding

the $1.3 trillion spending bill that just passed House with support of leadership included 1.4 billion for new border wall funding.

Impeach and Hold

Most Trump supporters I know can't wait for the Senate trial. In fact, I've seen where they will have meet ups to celebrate his aquital. They assume it will be vindication and fire up the base. I hope now, the House refuses to send to Senate. More to investigate. lol

Lets enjoy the Holidays

We have come a long way since 2016. We have taken the House, made big time gains in governorships, gained huge amounts of state legislative seats. We have made gains with mayors, DA's- I could go on. We are doing it. So, from my Bernie friends to my Biden friends to my Bloomberg friends.... We have worked hard and about to work harder. Don't let current news, impeachment, ect get you down. Be kind to people, take some time to appreciate one another and let's get after it in 2020. Just a bit of reflection. We are all on the same team.

Trump internal polling

has and is still show showing Biden destroying Trump. It's the only reason Trump has always and still is going after Joe.

No real correlation with British election

I see few similarities with the British election and ours. Different dynamics. First of all- Corbyn may have been the worst, most polarizing and to be fair, most arrogant unlikable candidate EVER. He was going to lose-big. He was propped up by activists. The kind that don't care about winning elections but want a platform to rail. Add Brexit and there is nothing similar to America in 2020. I support Biden but none of our candidates would lose in such dramatic fashion. To be honest, we only have about 8 states in play- no matter the candidate. Period. Policy be damned. There are literally only 8, maybe 9 states that are movable. After talking to several British friends the last week and hearing of the absolute hatred of Corbyn across the board, they or myself are not surprised. Corbyn and the added effect of Brexit crested the mess in Britain not a policy position. I don't think Bernie or Warren would win but they would never lose in a fashion we saw in Britian
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