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Member since: Sun Jul 7, 2019, 07:49 PM
Number of posts: 1,713

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Thanksgiving peace treaty

My family get togethers tend to be full of friendly but passionate political debate. My family is probably 60-40 progressive and the lines are urban, rural really. This year was different. There was an element of exhaustion and no one really brought up politics. On one occasion, we just agreed we were all tired of it and had a very relaxing, loving day.

Stroke betting lines

will increase dramatically if Trump becomes only the 3rd President to be impeached. Clinton moved on and had thick skin. Can you imagine Trump when our nominee refers to him as impeached President Trump for 9 months straight? He will be a wteck.

Florida...Trumps last stand

Just read a great piece on Florida ( can't post it from phone but it is from today if you want to Google it). Trumps team has concluded that there is likely zero path to win without Florida. They have set aside 300 million to spend in Florida alone and plan on keeping Trump there almost half the campaign . Good news is demographic changes favor Democrats, along with influx of 69k Puerto Ricans that are pissed. Downside, the GOP leads slightly with new registrations since 2016 but that doesn't count for those that register as independent. Florida would make it an early election night folks..


We are going to have to have some youth on our ticket. I was hoping to see the contrast between. Trump and a new generation but it's not to be. That said, a VP needs to be young. In have two kids that are just voting age. I work with and coach around hundreds of young adults. What worries me is they just don't relate to our potential nominees. I'm not saying they won't vote but the passion is miniscule to what I saw with Obama.

Impeached and racist

are terms that should be attached to Trump - even if he isn't convicted. Democrats need to play below the belt once we have a nominee. Any reference to Trump during debates, interviews or in public the term Impeached and/or racist should be used. Drill it home because if he isn't convicted in Senate the public will need to be reminded 24/7. No more Mr. Nice Guy

VP picks

Given the age and ethnicity of our likely nominee AND the necessity to bring our base and more moderate elements of party together- I think the VP pick this cycle is crucial. It could, literally, boost or impede our nominee. Typically it's a safe choice. This time it could be a demographically risky choice...

RBG- hospital

has she been admitted back into hospital? I'm seeing reports

Klobuchar on Fox at moment

talking about a public option, how big promises by some of our candidates are unrealistic. Very well spoken and glad to see her appear unafraid. I don't watch Fox but it's on at gym..

Debates and Bill Clinton

Having been actively involved in progressive politics for 30 years, I always watch these campaigns and ask "where is our Bill Clinton". Now, Obama was my favorite and the comparisons are similar but..... I've never seen a better campaigner. Ever. Bill was an educated redneck. He could wow a room at Harvard and a bonfire full of hillbillies in Chattanooga. He, like Obama brought together a coalition of liberals, moderates and conservative Democrats. He bridged the divide ( similar to Obama). He was cool, had real life problems and demons and the young people related. Better yet- he didn't bend. He fought, he threw punches, James Carvell style. I'll never forget seeing him in late Sept, an outsider who jumped in late and was discounted due to affair allegations and low name recognition. I told my buddy then- this guy is our next President. We don't have a Clinton or Obama this time. There has to be one out there. Yes, times have changed but they are there and when they appear- you just know it. Sorry, just reminiscing

Impeachment Timeline

I don't have a lot of time to follow hearings in real time but whatever happens, is there a guesstimate on when a vote to impeach would take place?
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