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Member since: Sun Jul 7, 2019, 07:49 PM
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An early VP selection for candidates

Could we see a candidate pick a VP running mate before the primary is over? The arguments at this point with people I know is this. Biden won't excite the base to turnout and Warren and Sanders are not electable in the GE. Both probably have some validity. Do you think a solid VP pick would help Biden with the base or maybe Warren appear more electable in the GE? An example would be Biden picking Abrams or Warren maybe choosing Castro ( just examples folks). If we don't motivate and get huge GOTV with African Americans or Latinos- we don't stand a chance. So, would an early pick be beneficial to these candidates to shore up thier GE weaknesses and focus on the Trump billion dollar campaign machine * FYI.. Abrams said yesterday, in front of 700 Iowa voters, that she would happily run on a ticket if asked.

Steve Schale - Florida guru

If your a political junkie and curious about Florida politics, follow Steve Schale. He is engaged on Twitter and has a blog where he breaks down Florida races like nobody else. He's a numbers guy much like Jon Ralston in Nevada. Steve was Obama's Florida point man in 08 and 12. Steve is big on Joe Biden in Florida and says Trump internals show him trailing significantly there versus Biden. Whoever you are rooting for, he's got all the Florida data and will update throughout the next 12 months....Whoever our nominee is, I hope they work Florida hard. We take Florida, game over early.

VA elections

If there is a blue wave on Tuesday in VA, the GOP will have to be panicked. I look forward to hopefully good results

2020 map

When I look at the 2020 map, it still looks challenging. I think any of our candidates will win the popular vote. That is a given. If the Democrats win back PA and MI it still leaves us short. I think Florida, Wisconsin, Arizona are at play. Ohio maybe but I still think NC and GA are longshots realistically. So- who is better positioned to compete in AZ, FL WI and maybe OH? My money is Biden due to his ability to peel of some working class, white males. I think Florida is very winnable with a diverse ticket. Just a simple observation. The map is ugly my friends. South Florida can make it an early night for our team if we GOTV. 2016 was a low turnout.
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