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Member since: Sun Jul 7, 2019, 07:49 PM
Number of posts: 1,713

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Impeachment Timeline

I don't have a lot of time to follow hearings in real time but whatever happens, is there a guesstimate on when a vote to impeach would take place?

A country divided

It really is a wash. Congress is split. After this week, the Governorship make up is 26-24 ( GOP). The number of state legislature seats are 52-48% ( although GOP has a few more majorities). The state AG make up is 51-49 in Democrats favor. The Nation is essentially split..

Fox News

Is the only network showing Edwards party

Gov Edwards

I have two friends ( one from LA and one from GA) helping GOTV in LA as we speak. They both are pretty well connected to the Democratic party in LA. They both are upbeat and confident that Edwards wins tonight. Fingers crossed. If anyone lives in LA - keep.us posted today.... Good luck

LA Gov race

I almost forgot about the election in Louisiana tomorrow. The fact that it's close is comforting. If the Democrats pull this off after VA, KY and TWO trips by Trump to rally the GOP- the sky will have fell on Trump.

Deval Patrick is impressive

A very impressive guy with a very impressive life story. He came up the hard way. I'm willing to give him a look. No one has the right to my vote simply because they are already in the race. This move, as has been sourced numerous times over the last 24 hours, has the Obama circles fingerprints all over it. He would not have entered without the blessing of Obama, himself- a best friend. It will be difficult given the late entry but not impossible. I support Biden but Deval could easilybe my 2nd choice. Let's cast our votes and get behind whoever the nominee is.

Educate me please

How long are hearings expected to last before a vote? Any guesstimate?


Any info on RBG. Apparently she has taken ill and off bench today.

Deval is welcome

I find it so frustrating that some folks on here get irate when another accomplished Democrat talks about a late entry into the race. There is time and contrary to popular opinion- you don't have to be a Washington insider to be qualified. There are many of us that would love to see some youth and someone from outside DC. I support Biden but we have talent outside the 6-10 on the stage at the moment. Worse yet, some immediately take the knives out on these men and tear them down. These individuals are on our side. What the hell are you doing? Don't support them but welcome them and wish them luck. I can tell you right now there is worry on the ground that this race is going to be tougher than it should given our top candidates at moment. So chill out and see Deval has to say. He's one of us.

Holder and Bloomberg

Relax. If these two men decide to jump in- so be it. Any one has a right to run If they so choose. These two men are our allies that have spent the last few years working tirelessly for progressive causes. I welcome them both. Bill Clinton was a very late entry, as well. I could make the argument that we have 4-6 that should stop out but this is a primary and everyone deserves to jump in or drop out as they feel included. Just remember, there is no reason to disparage thier desire to beat Trump and they are only assets to our party..
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