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Gender: Do not display
Home country: Canada
Current location: Alberta
Member since: Thu Jul 4, 2019, 08:50 PM
Number of posts: 2,639

Journal Archives

Anyone try to rejuvenate a lead acid battery?

I have a couple of lawn tractor batteries that appear to be sulfated (normal voltage but will not take a very large charge). There appear to be a couple of methods to rejuvenate them but I'm skeptical they work.

One is the battery "desulfator", an electrical gadget you connect to the terminals and it sends voltage pulses into the battery that supposedly remove the lead sulfate coating that has built up on the plates.

Another is a chemical procedure in which the liquid from the battery is drained and the battery is flushed with a baking soda solution. A concentrated solution of Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) is then added and the battery is recharged/discharged a few times to supposedly restore it.

Wash the Groceries??

Early in the pandemic it was recommended that all items, especially food items, be disinfected upon entry to the house by washing with soap & water or spraying with beach or some-such thing. I have seen little of that advice lately and am wondering if it is still thought that Covid can be transmitted by contact with such possibly contaminated surfaces/objects? Or, is it air transmission & bodily contact only?

Hoping that method of transmission is no longer thought to be significant - one less thing to worry about...

Manchin Visiting Alberta


Any messages anyone would like me to pass along?

FedUp with FedEx

Anyone know what's with FedEx in Memphis?

I've had a FedEx express delivery package stuck in Memphis for 10 days now, with still no scheduled delivery date (original scheduled delivery date was last Monday).

The customer service people know nothing - is there a strike or a Covid outbreak or something else going on there??

James Webb is Well Focused!


We need more of these:


Pig Heart Guy Dies

The cause of death was not stated.


Avatars & Signatures

Please, where are these displayed? I've added the Ukrainian avatar to my profile but it does not seem to show up anywhere.

A penny for your Rubble? (new spelling)

Drops to all-time(?) low - 1.2 cents/US dollar

DJIA Up 740

Strange times indeed!
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