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Member since: Thu Jul 4, 2019, 07:31 PM
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The stock market isn't the economy

and that is even more apparent these days. I watch the stock market, I have a 401k and it boggles the mind how on even days where the news is all bad...the market goes up. If businesses are closed and borrowing money, or going out of business altogether and people are losing their jobs and the TrumpCovid is killing thousands of Americans and the global economy is collapsing; how is the stock market going up?

I think there is a hopefulness in Americans that we are coming out of these dark times. When we get the good news out of N.Y.C. we embrace it, but N.Y.C. represents only N.Y.C. and this virus is going to jump from state to state and from city to city, NY was just the first to get hit hard. Twenty percent of Floridians are over 65, what happens when they get hit hard?

This thing is only getting started. Even after a place is hit and "recovers," stay at home orders will still be in place. Congregating will still lead to small bursts of mass infection, the virus will still be here until we have a vaccine available to everyone. Next year sometime.

Accept the good news and embrace it, but don't allow yourself to let your guard down and think things are getting back to normal, don't accidentally get the virus.

I realize that this is a downer of a comment, I don't mean to burst bubbles of happiness, but being a realist will keep you and your family alive.

Keep social distancing, stay home.

In regards to Covid-19

I think that if Trump and the Republicans continue using the "Chinese" virus as their choice of label for the Covid-19 we should start calling it the TrumpCovid-19 virus. Because Jared and Ivanka are presidential advisors, Donald refused to act on the virus in time and millions will most likely die because of the Trump family. Credit needs to be given where credit is due.


Why I'll vote Blue no matter who.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg deserves to retire from the courts next spring. She has fought for us in the Supreme Court since 1993. And we owe it to her to put a blue shoe in the White House. Next March 15 she will be turning 87, let's vote her the freedom to retire if she wants to.
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