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Name: Jay
Gender: Male
Hometown: The Great Plains!
Home country: USA!
Current location: USA!
Member since: Tue Jun 25, 2019, 02:15 AM
Number of posts: 74

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Of the main 3-5 candidates, only Biden can win the swing states.

Just a reminder, however you felt about the debate, that doesn't change the main goal: Wisconsin, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Ohio, Florida = Biden can win those states. Others will struggle.

I thought 6/10 did great tonight (I'll leave you guessing!), but of the debate styles of Biden and Harris... I think Biden matches better against Agent Orange. Tough, forceful, intelligent, AND almost a near physical manifestation of slapping down a bully (via word emphasis, posture, mannerisms, subtle cues, hand gestures) will beat Trump. Harris has tough, forceful, and intelligent. That strange fourth factor she lacks, and that may not be enough.

But I liked them all, hated the mudslinging, and pray to the deities that (respectfully) Bullock replaces Williamson.
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