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Member since: Mon Jun 24, 2019, 02:40 PM
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Yang on Chris Hayes

Talking about health care, making sense.

TMT project on hold

Looks like the state and county will pull law enforcement off Mauna Kea today. The protesters say they will remain. What a mess, with no real solution in sight. No word yet on access to the visitor center.

Say his name

Looks like Yang qualified for the next debate. Rachel Maddow just said his name, and showed his picture. Progress of sorts.

It happens consistently

While itís true Yang gets the short straw in MSM coverage, he is a star on alternative media and YouTube. The younger the demographic, the more support he has. He is a voice of the future. Our children and grandchildren have the most to lose if we donít address the coming issues. I sincerely hope the young people of this country will realize that the only power they hold is the power of the vote.
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