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Joinfortmill's Journal
Joinfortmill's Journal
March 2, 2024

Lawrence O'Donnell last night with Vindman and McFaul: First 10 min. of 20 min segment


My words: Please listen to this first segment, people. It sent chills down my spine when Alexander Vidman said, "We have one more vote."

For those of us who recognized that Trump was a danger early on, it is not satisfaction we feel, but fear, fear that those who should have known and should have done something did not. All we have now is our vote.

Please vote, people, and pray to whomever you pray to that this great nation survives the traitorous actions of the vile man named Trump and his fascist enablers, some of whom hold high office in our country.
March 2, 2024

'Trump neurological smoking gun, 99% chance of dementia Dr. John Gartner' 18 min.


'Dr. John Gartner, former assistant professor at Johns Hopkins University Medical school, founder of Duty to Warn, and co-editor of "Rocket Man: Nuclear Madness and the Mind of Donald Trump," joins David to weigh in on what is happening cognitively for President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.'

My words: Excellent analysis of the difference between an 'old brain', Biden and a 'demented brain', Trump.

March 1, 2024

'The NONSENSICAL CIRCUS continues in Fulton County' 13 min

'Judge Scott McAfee wrapped up the multi-day hearing in Fulton County regarding the relationship between the DA and a special prosecutor. McAfee said he plans to issue a decision within the next two weeks.'

My words: I couldn't agree more, Harry.
February 29, 2024

Lawrence O'Donnell: Katyal and Tribe on SCOTUS agreeing to hear Trump Immunity Case: 19 min


My words: This is a must see, people.

February 28, 2024

''Really creepy': Former Australian PM on Trump's admiration for Putin'

'Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Australian television weighed in on former President Trump's admiration of Russian President Putin, saying Trump is in awe of Putin. The Morning Joe panel discusses...'

My words: Please watch, people.

February 28, 2024

'Judge Scott McAfee, Not Fani Willis, Should Have Known Better'

My words: Well, well, well, looky here, people. Judge McAfee was a member of the Federalist Society and once worked for Fani Willis.


'It’s time for commentators to stop with “Fani Willis should have know better” and start saying “Judge McAfee should know better.” Let’s be clear — the person responsible for creating this televised smear bizzaro world show trial is Judge Scott McAfee and not Fani Willis. The following exchange between Trump Acolyte Lawyer Ashleigh Marchant and star turned disaster witness Terrence Bradley, from TPM’s summary of the proceeding yesterday, should be game and match over for the case against this Federalist society, Brian Kemp appointed judge.'

And then there is this: From Wikepedia: 'In 2012, McAfee was a judicial intern for Georgia Supreme Court justice Keith R. Blackwell...He also interned for justice David Nahmias... In 2013, he graduated from the University of Georgia School of Law, cum laude. While in law school, he was the vice president of the school's Federalist Society chapter, treasurer of Law Republicans and inducted into The Order of Barristers...'

And this:

'..By random selection, McAfee, who once worked under Fulton District Attorney Fani Willis, was assigned the blockbuster case. He will hear it, unless the former Republican commander-in-chief and his allies are successful in moving it to federal court, where they could get a more conservative jury pool.'
February 28, 2024

Lawrence O'Donnell: Biden Wins Big In Michigan: with Simon Rosenberg Democratic Strategist.. 20 minutes


My words: Print media making 'much ado' about nothing. Joe rocked it, people. Trump? Meh, not so much.
February 27, 2024

'Trump E. Coyote is off the cliff and in deep denial about how truly fucked he is'


'financially, Donald Trump is Wile E. Coyote right now, twenty feet past the edge of the cliff and refusing to look down. he’s in complete denial about how truly screwed he is, and he still imagines he’s fully in control of the situation. the fuck you are, numbnuts...

my phone started blowing up... all reported more or less the same story: Trump Appeals New York Civil Fraud Verdict. “huh, where did Trump get the money?”... because remember, Trump can’t appeal without first ponying up 120% of the $465 million (and counting) he’s on the hook for after losing the Big Trump Family Business Fraud Fuckery Trial...

so what happened is that Trump basically filed an essentially meaningless piece of paper: an intent to appeal. nothing has changed. the clock is still ticking down — and Donny is still fucked-er than fucked if he can’t come up with hundreds of millions of dollars by March 25.'

My words: Read on, people. It's worth it, it's Tiedrich!

February 27, 2024

'The Stupid Coup'


My words: Jay Kuo is pretty cool if you haven't read him.

'Defendant and co-conspirator Kenneth Chesebro had a secret Twitter account, then lied about it to prosecutors...'

'If you’re going to plot to overturn an election, it’s best not to leave much of a trail. But that’s exactly what attorney and architect of the fake elector scheme, Kenneth “The Cheese” Chesebro, did.

That trail wasn’t just in emails, texts and memos exchanged with his co-conspirators John Eastman and Boris Epshteyn, as we’ve already seen. It was also in a secret Twitter account called “BadgerPundit.”

Pro-tip: Maybe if you’re a coup-plotting attorney from Wisconsin, you shouldn’t use the red and white colors of the University of Wisconsin Badgers in your Twitter alias. This is from his linked YouTube channel:'
February 27, 2024

Michael Popok Legal AF: Georgia Prosecutor FIRES BACK Ahead of URGENT Hearing: 16 min.

'Fulton County DA Fani Willis fires back at Trump’s efforts to use unreliable pseudo science through a non expert expert witness to falsely suggest that she and Nathan Wade her special prosecutor lied about their relationship starting after the Trump indictment. Michael Popok of Legal AF explains why the phone record evidence Trump obtained is both irrelevant and should be excluded by the judge as lacking foundation, and violating Georgia law.'

My words: Judge McAfee is a huge disappointment, to say the least. What a disgusting side-show this has turned into.

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