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Joinfortmill's Journal
Joinfortmill's Journal
September 30, 2022

"What does Donald Trump have on Judge Cannon or her husband?" Weissman wondered.


"Something is so off in her decisions (and the court of appeals said as much) that it is impossible not to ask this question in all seriousness," he explained.

"A federal judge on Thursday set aside a measure imposed by a special master asking former President Donald J. Trump to certify the accuracy of the F.B.I.’s inventory of the property it had seized from his Florida estate last month, overruling an arbiter she had appointed herself," the newspaper explained. "In removing the restrictions the special master had sought to impose, Judge Cannon essentially let Mr. Trump and his legal team out of a box that Judge Dearie had tried to put them in."
September 20, 2022

Seems Trump's lawyers pissed-off Judge Dearie


'Trump's first day with the special master isn't going very well'

'What was made clear in court is that Trump's own lawyers have no idea what the former president actually had. It's unknown if Trump simply hasn't told them or Trump doesn't himself know.

“What business is it of the court? … As far as I’m concerned that’s the end of it," Dearie explained, assuming the Trump side doesn't have any evidence of declassification.

Dearie seemed insulted by the Trump lawyers' claim at one point that he was going beyond the scope of Judge Aileen Cannon's orders.'
September 19, 2022

A 'day of reckoning' is coming for Trump -- but he's not going to jail: Former federal prosecutor

Well worth the read.

'McCallion is a former Justice Department prosecutor who also worked for the New York State Attorney General's office as a prosecutor on Trump racketeering cases. As an assistant U.S. attorney and special assistant U.S. attorney, he focused on international fraud and counterintelligence cases that often involved Russian organized crime.

McCallion explains the approach that Merrick Garland and the Department of Justice will likely take in prosecuting Trump for the government documents he stored at Mar-a-Lago and the events of Jan. 6. Any such prosecution will require both overwhelming irrefutable evidence and a simple and direct story to tell a jury about Trump's misdeeds. McCallion also says that contrary to some media reports, Trump can definitely still be prosecuted even if he announces he is running for president.'

September 17, 2022

'Opinion: When Trump is finally revealed as an agent of foreign governments will America wake up?'

Yes, it's written by Thom Hartmann (however you feel about him), but when you read it, you will know it's all true. Several sources are cited. (my words)


'It’s time to tell the truth about Trump: he’s been an agent of organized crime and foreign governments for decades. And he’s continuing his work for Putin, Xi, Erdogan, and MBS — undermining Americans’ faith in democracy — to this day.

Last year’s investigative reporting breakthrough by Craig Unger for his book American Kompromat led Unger to Uri Shvets, a former KGB spy who’d been posted to Washington, DC for years as a correspondent for the Soviet news agency TASS.

Shvets told the story — from his own knowledge — of how Trump and Ivana visited Moscow in 1987 and were essentially recruited or seduced by the KGB, a trip corroborated by Luke Harding in his book Collusion: Secret Meetings, Dirty Money, and How Russia Helped Donald Trump Win.'

Read on. It's worth the read. (my words).

September 16, 2022

Keep an eye on Trump Force One.

September 15, 2022

Matt Gaetz makes argument for electing Dems to block non-MAGA Republicans


'Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) this week argued that Republicans would benefit from winning fewer seats in the U.S. House of Representatives because some GOP candidates do not support former President Donald Trump's MAGA ideology.'

You go, Matt! ROFL

September 13, 2022

Time for sane Republicans to vote to save our democracy


"Trump shared a picture of himself wearing a Q lapel pin, overlaid with the QAnon phrases 'The Storm is Coming' and 'WWG1WGA,' on his Truth Social account on Monday evening. The post had been originally shared on Truth Social by an account called 'Patriots in Control,' before Trump re-shared it," reported David Gilbert. "'How much more obvious can it get?' one QAnon follower asked in the QAnon-focus Great Awakening forum."

In QAnon lore, "The Storm" will occur when Trump finally reveals that he has unraveled a global conspiracy of Satanic pedophiles and will announce mass arrests. QAnon adherents never explain why Trump never did any of this during the four years when he was president and apparently seemed more focused on rage-tweeting about "Morning Joe" segments."

September 7, 2022

Hillary walks through how top secret docs delivered in a locked briefcase: 'How did he get them?'


'..And a man walked in, and he would have, like, a briefcase locked to his wrist," Clinton said. "And he would come into my office and he would say, 'You have to look at this immediately, secretary.' He would unlock the briefcase. He would stand there. He would give me this document that had really delicate, secret information about something of importance. I would read it. Then I would sign that I read it. It would go back into the locked box attached to his wrist and off he would go.'
September 5, 2022

Judge grants Trump's request to appoint a special master to review documents seized by FBI


'Cannon, an appointee of Trump herself, shot down the Justice Department's claim that the FBI's "taint team" has been sufficient to sort out privileged documents. She also disputed the Justice Department's argument that executive privilege does not apply to a former president against the administration of the current president, saying that this "overstates" the law and the controlling precedent in United States v. Nixon did not settle that issue.'

Well, that sucks.

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