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Member since: Sat Jun 15, 2019, 11:56 PM
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How the Founders Intended to Check the Supreme Court's Power - Joshua Zeitz American Historian


'The men who gathered in Philadelphia largely agreed that courts would serve as arbiters of what was and was not constitutional...But they did not intend this power to be unchecked or unlimited.

'Justice Felix Frankfurter...noted that “Congress need not give this Court any appellate power; it may withdraw appellate jurisdiction once conferred and it may do so even while a case is sub judice.” Chief Justice Warren Burger...agreed, writing that Congress could pass simple legislation “limiting or prohibiting judicial review of its directives.”

...Congress could very easily pass legislation denying the Supreme Court jurisdiction over a new voting rights act, a law codifying the right to privacy (including abortion rights), and other popular measures...Congress and the president could go further, reducing the court to a shell of its former self, leaving it to adjudicate minor matters of little significance. Of course, with the filibuster in place, this outcome is about as likely as a bill expanding the court’s membership, which is to say, very unlikely...Ultimately, it is the responsibility and prerogative of the executive and legislative branches to encourage greater restraint and humility on the part of the judiciary.

Love Jon Stewart. GOP sucks, bigly.

Watch: Jon Stewart uncorks profane rant after GOP senators block veterans benefits bill


Washington Examiner: Trump asks court for absolute immunity from Jan. 6 lawsuits


'Trump's legal team argues in Wednesday's filing that impeachment is the only means of punishing a president for abuse and that attempts by Democrats and others to sue Trump after he emerged victorious in his impeachment trial are tantamount to "harassment."'

Treasonous Trump is running scared (my words).

Carol Leonnig reporting for WaPo: DOJ Grand Jury Investigating D.J .Trump. Yup, DOJ went there.

Let the games begin.

The GOP will never get the Trump stink off them.

What did V.P. Pence know and when did he know it?

Well, given what we now know, if Trump wants to run the SS will likely plan his escape.

Sen. Whitehouse Shreds Supreme Court 'Gone Wild'

This is a Must See

Sen. Whitehouse Shreds Supreme Court 'Gone Wild'

This is a Must See.

Extremists in the United States Department of Homeland Security & U.S. Military

"Houston, we have a problem."


'Pentagon report reveals inroads white supremacists have made in military. Extent of the military’s own extremism problem has yet to be tracked, Pentagon officials acknowledge'...A soldier in the Florida National Guard who co-founded a murderous fascist group was chatting with a fellow white supremacist in the extremist “Iron March” online forum in 2016 when the guard member made a remarkable statement...The guard member said he felt free to be a neo-Nazi in the U.S. Army.

The Pentagon report said U.S. military personnel and veterans are “highly prized” recruits for supremacist groups, and leaders of those groups try to join the military themselves and get those already in their groups to enlist. Their goal is to obtain weapons and skills and to try to borrow the military’s bravado and cachet, the authors suggested.'


'U.S. Homeland Security to investigate domestic extremism in its ranks'
'A group of senior DHS officials "will immediately begin a comprehensive review of how to best prevent, detect, and respond to threats related to domestic violent extremism within DHS," the department said in a statement.

President Joe Biden called for funding to investigate any complaints of white supremacist beliefs at immigration enforcement agencies within DHS in his first budget proposal, which was unveiled this month.'

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