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Member since: Sat Jun 15, 2019, 11:56 PM
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'Pretty savvy' DOJ just sidestepped legal battles that have slowed Jan. 6 committee's probe:


I like Glenn Kirschner but, really, he's been all over the place r.e. the DOJ. I trust Biden and Garland and I think we can now be confident that an investigation is underway.

"I think we've all experienced some frustration because it doesn't look like the Department of Justice has been investigating this the way it would ordinarily investigate, you know, even large-scale conspiracy cases because they don't appear to have been sort of carpet-bombing folks with grand jury subpoenas the way we ordinarily would," Kirschner said.

Kirschner praised DOJ investigators for waiting until the Select Committee had conducted its interviews instead of pursuing the same witnesses.

FoxNews Advertisers: Let them know we're not buying.


Letters from an American: Biden Speaks in Buffalo, NY...

And so much more

"Evil will not win in America, Biden promised. “Hate will not prevail. And white supremacy will not have the last word.”

“What happened here is simple and straightforward,” Biden said, “Domestic terrorism. Violence inflicted in the service of hate and a vicious thirst for power that defines one group of people being inherently inferior to any other group. A hate that through the media and politics, the Internet, has radicalized angry, alienated, lost, and isolated individuals into falsely believing that they will be replaced—that’s the word, “replaced”—by the “other”—by people who don’t look like them and who are therefore, in a perverse ideology that they possess and [are] being fed, lesser beings.

“We have to refuse to live in a country where fear and lies are packaged for power and for profit.

“We must all enlist in this great cause of America.

“This is work that requires all of us—presidents and politicians, commentators, citizens. None of us can stay in the sidelines. We have to resolve here in Buffalo that from…this tragedy…will come hope and light and life. It has to. And on our watch, the sacred cause of America will never bow, never break, never bend. And the America we love—the one we love—will endure."

'Morning Joe blames 'powerful cable news network' for Buffalo massacre'

Video included with Morning Joe segment:

If the government can't do something about this, the people need to. We can begin by boycotting advertisers on these cable networks/shows - the only thing they understand is greed. If we lose our democracy, the world is doomed. As Joe Biden would say, "This is not hyperbole."

More bombshells for Jan. 6 committee before June hearings

AXIOS: https://www.axios.com/2022/05/14/more-bombshells-for-jan-6-committee-before-june-hearings

"Driving the news: Chiefs of staff and other aides to members of the House select committee were told Friday on their weekly call with committee staff to brace for more bombshells ahead of the June 9 start to public hearings, according to two sources on the call.

The briefers did not say which lawmakers will be contacted, or whether they intended to issue more subpoenas, the sources told Axios.
The Jan. 6 committee declined to comment."

Personally, I never doubted that the Jan 6 Committee was on a mission to get these sedtionist phuckers. Keep the faith. Our time is coming. Every one of these committee members is a patriot and hero!

Corruption, corruption, corruption...

Heather Cox Richardson: Letters from an American. What stood out for me:

'The House Select Committee on the Coronavirus Crisis, chaired by Representative James Clyburn (D-SC)...issued a report today laying out how meatpacking giants got around local and state health officials trying to protect workers.

...top executives of JBS, Smithfield, and Tyson asked Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue to get Vice President Mike Pence to throw his weight behind keeping workers in the plant. Less than a week later, Pence said at a press conference that meatpacking workers “need…to show up and do your job.” Industry leaders wrote a proposed executive order for Trump to issue, declaring a meat shortage and invoking the Defense Production Act to ensure that the plants continued to operate. Less than a week later, Trump issued a similar executive order.

But there wasn’t actually a shortage. Even as John H. Tyson, chair of Tyson’s board, ran full-page ads in national newspapers warning that “[t]he food supply chain is breaking” and “[o]ur plants must remain operational so we can supply food to our families in America,” U.S. pork exports were at a three-year high.

This story points to a larger problem of the consolidation of food production, a problem we are seeing right now in the acute shortage of baby formula in the U.S., where supplies are 43% below normal...Today the administration announced it would increase imports of baby formula until U.S. production comes back to normal levels.

Prof. Heather Cox Richardson:'This is no longer your mother's Republican Party, or your grandfather'

'Today’s Republican Party is not about equal rights and opportunity, as Lincoln’s party was. It is not about using the government to protect ordinary people, as Theodore Roosevelt’s party was. It is not even about advancing the ability of businesses to do as they deem best, as Ronald Reagan’s party was.

After more than a year...President Joe Biden yesterday went on the offensive against what he called “the Ultra-MAGA Agenda.” ... Biden laid out the difference between his economic plan and Scott’s. He pointed out that his policies of using the government to support ordinary Americans have produced 8.3 million jobs in 15 months, the strongest job creation in modern history. Unemployment is at 3.6%, and 5.4 million small businesses have applied to start up this year—20% more than in any other year recorded.

Biden pointed out that while Republicans attack Biden’s plans as irresponsible spending, in fact the deficit rose every year under Trump, while Biden is on track to cut the deficit by $1.5 trillion this year. Reducing government borrowing will ease inflationary pressures.'

Read the entire article here. It's full of gems we should all be shouting from the rooftops: https://heathercoxrichardson.substack.com/p/may-11-2022?s=r

'In 1890, Republicans were convinced they would win the midterm elections'

Letters from an American: Heather Cox Richardson: https://heathercoxrichardson.substack.com/p/april-30-2022?s=r

'This letter is for the musician I met this week...She said that in her travels lately she feels something powerful building under the radar, and asked me if such a thing had ever happened before.'

'...Carnegie wrote in 1889, " ...The money flowing up to the top meant that the country’s wealthiest men could build libraries and concert halls and universities and art collections to raise the cultural standards of the whole country.

...Americans could see that the nation was not in the rosy shape Republicans claimed. On shop floors in eastern factories, workers shoveled coal or worked looms for fourteen to sixteen hours a day for pennies...Farmers were saddled with high-interest mortgages, middlemen who skimmed the profits when crops went to market, and freight charges from railroad monopolies that took the rest.

While congressmen and eastern newspapers fought over every scrap of Washington political gossip, western farmers and workers and entrepreneurs had organized. New newspapers, letters, barbecues, lectures, and picnics had done their work, educating those on the peripheries of politics about the grand issues of the day. When the votes were counted after the November 1890 election, the Alliances...controlled 52 seats in the new Congress, enough to swing laws in their direction.'

Keep the faith.

Posted by Joinfortmill | Sun May 1, 2022, 09:40 AM (2 replies)
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