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Joinfortmill's Journal
Joinfortmill's Journal
March 7, 2023

Does America Die Gradually, Then Suddenly?


(I cannot do this article justice with excerpts. Please read - Me)

'In 1926 Ernest Hemmingway published his novel The Sun Also Rises, which has this extraordinary bit of dialogue about how change happens in most aspects of life — and how governments rise and fall.
“How did you go bankrupt?” Bill asked.
”Two ways,” Mike said. “Gradually and then suddenly.”
”What brought it on?”
“Friends," said Mike. "I had a lot of friends. False friends.

For some unfathomable reason, Democrats insist on calling their Republican colleagues their “friends.” They are not friends... With few exceptions, they are systematically destroying American democracy with the clear objective of replacing it with strongman authoritarianism, a new and American version of what Benito Mussolini called fascism. Right now they’re moving gradually:

Every time these sorts of coups happen, the nation’s people are shocked and surprised. They had no idea how far things had gone. It even happened that way with the American Revolution and the Civil War...When Franklin D. Roosevelt faced the fascist “America First” movement within the GOP, he went to political war with them and the Supreme Court that backed them...“They hate me,” he thundered to cheers, “and I welcome their hatred!”'
March 7, 2023

Take 10 minutes to listen to Arnold Schwarzenegger on racism & hate.

very powerful message that just might change some people.
March 7, 2023

Take 10 minutes to listen to Arnold Schwarzenegger on racism & hate.

Very powerful message that just might change some people.

March 6, 2023

This, my friends, is why Joe Biden Chose Merrick Garland to 'Take Down' Trump...

I will keep saying it for as long as I must, Joe Biden chose Merrick Garland to 'take down' Trump and the infamous January 6 Insurrectionists for a reason. I think we can agree Biden hates Trump and everything he stands for. Biden could have chosen almost anyone to be A.G. He chose Merrick Garland. This 2016 NPR article explaining why Obama chose to nominate Garland for SCOTUS can help us explain why Biden also chose him to lead the investigation against one of the most heinous acts against our country.


The Perfect Background

"Garland began his legal career clerking for two iconic judges: First, conservative Judge Henry Friendly on the federal appeals court in New York, and then for liberal Justice William Brennan on the U.S. Supreme Court...In 1979 (Carter administration), he served as a special assistant to Attorney General Benjamin Civiletti... in 1989, he joined the U.S. attorney's office in Washington, D.C., as a line prosecutor...In 1993, he joined the... Clinton administration as deputy assistant attorney general in the Justice Department's criminal division...Garland...currently serves as the chief judge of the nation's second highest court..

But Garland also has been a persuasive voice for liberals, managing to bring conservatives over to his side...For example, in a case involving Chinese Uighurs detained at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Garland asked the Justice Department for the particulars of its evidence and then wrote an opinion for himself and two conservative judges that concluded that the Bush administration's claim that they were enemy combatants was utterly unsupported by the evidence.

So respected is Garland as a judge that Chief Justice Roberts, at his confirmation hearing, answered a question about one of his majority opinions by noting that Judge Garland had dissented and, said Roberts, "Anytime Judge Garland disagrees, you know you're in a difficult area."

The case against Donald J. Trump will be air-tight.

March 2, 2023

What It Takes To See Justice And Accountability: George Takei


This is an excellent article about the moment we are in. (my words)

'Sometimes it feels like justice will never be served, but in these moments we must remember that accountability is a road to walk, not just a destination...It’s a common sentiment. People have grown tired, and even feel gaslit, over the maddeningly slow pace of justice...That an ex-president plotted to overturn the 2020 election, incited insurrectionists, and then stole and deliberately refused to turn over some of our nation’s top secrets, yet still dances around Mar-a-Lago, albeit badly, two years later as a free man understandably gets many people’s blood boiling...

So to the tantalizing question posed by the title of this piece, “When will we see justice and accountability?” I say this: We are already seeing it, through the January 6 Committee Hearings, the methodical work of the Justice Department, and the accelerated and more focused work of Special Counsel Jack Smith.

So my advice is this: Don’t sit this out and simply wait for an outcome....Remain engaged, vigilant, and demanding of the truth and of results. That is how we move down the path toward an endpoint as satisfyingly cathartic as seeing Trump in prison. That is how we create accountability and nurture true justice in America...We must view our present point in the journey toward accountability as no less important than the endpoint itself—perhaps more so, because only with continued engagement and vigilance by all of us will we achieve the justice we seek.

March 1, 2023

'...an explosive legal filing has exposed the truth about Fox News.'


Note: Legum, among other things, was the Research Director for Hillary Clinton's Presidential campaign (my words)

'On Monday night, Dominion Voting Systems filed a document as part of its $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit against Fox News... During Trump's campaign, [News Corp CEO] Rupert [Murdoch] provided Trump's son-in-law and senior Advisor, Jared Kushner, with Fox confidential information about Biden's ads, along with debate strategy.

While this..is an allegation and not a fact, Dominion signaled in its citation that it has significant evidence to back it up. Dominion says the allegation is substantiated by two passages of Murdoch's deposition, which has not been released in full, and another exhibit — likely an email or text message.

The behavior described in the Dominion filing is deeply corrupt. Fox News was entrusted with Biden's campaign ads in advance because the Biden campaign trusted it to operate as a legitimate news corporation. Murdoch abused that trust in an effort to give the Trump campaign an edge in the 2020 election.'

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