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Joinfortmill's Journal
Joinfortmill's Journal
March 10, 2023

Trump, a victim of extortion? That's a new one (my words)


Joyce Vance

'Today the New York Times reported that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has offered Donald Trump the opportunity to testify—next week—before his grand jury...Trump might testify. He has put out a rambling statement on Truth Social that suggested how his defense might take shape—he was actually a victim of extortion. He might decide that if he testifies, he can convince the grand jury that’s the case and that he was not a presidential candidate trying to pay off a woman he’d had sex with while his wife was at home with their newborn, on the eve of an election, to protect his chances of being elected. But no competent lawyer would suggest that he do so.

After saying, on Truth Social, that he’d done nothing wrong, he wrote, “Russia, Russia, Russia, Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine, the no-collusion Mueller hoax.” He claimed he and his supporters were “victims of this corrupt, depraved, and weaponized justice system.” Hopefully he’s getting it out of his system, because if indicted, the evidence he can offer in court will be cabined by the rules of evidence, and judges don’t take kindly to parties who try their case in the press instead of the courtroom, and it’s often limited what they can say publicly before trial is complete to avoid the risk of prejudicing jurors.

Although this news was met with glee, it’s a deadly serious matter. We are getting closer to the first indictment of a former president—a dangerous moment for the Republic and our democratic institutions. It will require the grown-ups in the room to act like grown-ups, because we can count on Trump to do everything he can to abuse the process.'
March 10, 2023

Did Jared & Trump Sell Out America for Billions while the Media Looked the Other Way?


'Have we just watched as Jared & Trump walked away with billions after selling out Yemen, Khashoggi, and the United States? With virtually no questions from the mainstream media or Congress?'
Thom Hartmann

'Mohammed bin Nayef (MBN)...was arguably the most pro-US figure in Saudi leadership. Back in the 1980s he’d studied at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, then at the FBI in Quantico, followed by participating in a 1990s “anti-terrorism” program at Scotland Yard. After 9/11, he took on Al-Qaeda and they tried to assassinate him.

MBS wanted to overthrow MBN...Jared saw an opportunity to go around US interests and help MBS overthrow and imprison his cousin so MBS could seize control of the Kingdom and its more than $700 billion in cash...“Four well-placed sources... say that the primary reason Kushner has now received $2 billion is that he helped MBS depose MBN, knowing that this went directly against what U.S. intelligence wanted or thought was good for national security.”

Again, I can't do this must read article justice-

March 10, 2023

"Have you no sense of decency?"


The Absence of Shame
Lacking decency, Fox pundits and the GOP continue their lying ways. Will they be held accountable?
Steven Beschloss

'“Have you no sense of decency?” On June 9, 1954, Boston lawyer Joseph Welch uttered those searing words about Wisconsin Sen. Joseph McCarthy that ended his virulent anti-communist campaign...The question hit like a rocket. McCarthy’s popularity evaporated. He was ostracized by his fellow senators. Soon, the media ignored him. Welch, in questioning McCarthy’s decency, had succeeded in shaming him. Within three years, Joseph McCarthy, a broken man and alcoholic, was dead...

But then there’s Fox "News” and Tucker Carlson. Then there’s George Santos and Marjorie Taylor Green, Lauren Boebert and Kevin McCarthy. Then there’s the Grand Old Party. Then there’s the grand daddy of them all, Donald Trump, who showed them that shamelessness is a powerful weapon that immunizes you from the burden of morality and can enhance your grifting operation...Trump feels no shame in lying about winning the election (or any of the tens of thousands of other lies). Kevin McCarthy expresses no shame in exploiting lies and extremism to secure the speakership. Green and Boebert experience no shame in misusing their elected office to act with cruelty and incite violence. George Santos…well, I don’t even know how he gets out of bed and shows his face in public. And Tucker Carlson and his colleagues: They have shown no sign that they are going to be shamed into changing their lying ways.

As long as Republicans continue to vote into office people who either are not able to experience shame or who have learned the power of denying feelings of shame, the years ahead will continue to be fraught with danger. If this civilizing tool no longer can moderate the worst among us, then it puts that much more pressure on the justice system to do its job and hold the guilty accountable.'

March 10, 2023

Manhattan DA warns Trump's lawyers to prepare for indictment:


'Prosecutors in the Manhattan District Attorney's office have signaled to lawyers representing former President Donald Trump to prepare for possible charges, reported The New York Times on Thursday.'

Is it time to pour the wine yet?
March 9, 2023

Fox just won't quit with the dirty tricks... (my words)


Civil Discourse with Joyce Vance

'...Fox has conceded what it knew all along. The charges Fox broadcast against Dominion are false...that concession is no small thing. Thirty percent or more of Americans still believe the lie that the 2020 election was stolen... Dominion employees still endure threats and harassment. So it matters that Fox in private ridiculed—and never believed—the lie. And it matters that Fox has now in this litigation conceded these allegations were false.”

But there is an undeniable larger context: the corruption of the American electorate and the spread of the vile, knowing lie that came perilously close to undoing American democracy...Fox, as Dominion goes on to point out, could be remedying this situation. It could be reporting on the lawsuit. It could be correcting the lies. It is not...Why not? According to his deposition, Fox’s owner, Rupert Murdoch, inexplicably believes it is “too late” to retract the lies Fox told its viewers, and he continues to refuse to apologize...Dominion characterizes it this way in its brief: “Fox continues to say it is ‘proud’ of its election coverage, sending the unmistakable message that Fox stands by the lies.”

'So what is Fox looking for here? Its position suggests some sort of broader immunity for Fox than defamation law would provide for other defendants. Some sort of immunity for “newsworthy allegations” that would give it a license to spread lies. As Dominion puts it, “Fox is trying to conflate telling the truth with knowingly spreading a lie.” It is perhaps ironic that at a time when Justice Thomas, and possibly Justice Gorsuch, have suggested that the actual malice standard articulated in New York Times v. Sullivan makes it too difficult for public-figure plaintiffs in defamation cases to recover damages, Fox wants the courts to steer the other direction, towards making it easier for defendants to prevail.'

Read on (my words).

March 9, 2023

'Biden wants to tax the rich, and House Republicans don't want to raise the debt ceiling.'


Robert Reich

'...Here’s what will happen...House Republicans are planning to stage theater-of-the-absurd pyrotechnics —refusing to raise the debt ceiling. Which means that at some point this summer, Biden’s Treasury Department will say America is within days (or hours) of defaulting on its bills. A default would be catastrophic.

To counter this, Biden is planning his own pyrotechnics. In the budget released today, he’s proposing a “Billionaire Minimum Tax”...These taxes would apply only to the top one-hundredth of 1 percent of American households....All told, Biden’s new tax proposals would amount to a $2.5 trillion tax increase over a decade, on the richest of the rich.

But here’s the dirty little secret. Neither of these two theatrical productions — neither the Republicans’ refusal to raise the debt ceiling nor Biden’s big tax hike on the super-rich — will ever happen...A default on the nation’s obligations would bring on an economic calamity for which Republicans don’t want to be responsible....These two theatrical productions are being staged for the public — two competing performances, each intended to score political points against the other. Biden’s is rational and the Republicans’ is nuts, but that doesn’t really matter. They will both end in a dramatic flurry of last-minute negotiations, seemingly death-defying moves and counter-moves, and breathtaking cliffhangers."

Let us hope (my words).
March 9, 2023

Tell the world how you really feel, Tucker...


'On Tuesday night, we definitively learned Carlson's show is a sham...In a January 4, 2021 text to two members of his staff, Carlson said he "truly can’t wait" for Trump to leave office because "I hate him passionately."

On January 10, 2021, Carlson texted a member of his staff who told Carlson about Trump's decision to skip Biden's inauguration. "I’d heard that about the inauguration. Hard to believe. So destructive," Carlson wrote. "It’s disgusting. I’m trying to look away."

In a November 21, 2020 text message, which was revealed in a previous legal filing, Carlson said that allegations that Dominion rigged its election machines against Trump was "shockingly reckless" because there is no evidence to support it."
March 8, 2023

A Republic or A Democracy? Republicans are muddying the waters...


The Hartmann Report

'Republicans Don’t Want You to Know America Is a Republic Ruled By Democratic Principles: Words matter...Republicans, by trashing the name of the Democratic Party, are simultaneously trashing the concept of democracy itself…the famous John Birch Society mantra...: “America Is a Republic, Not a Democracy.”

Once citizens buy into the idea that a nation is a republic but not a democracy, it’s so much easier for “strongman” leadership to justify limiting democratic processes like majority-rule voting so they can rig things so “only the right people” get to vote or have their vote counted...Republicans who believe that a democracy and a republic are incompatible with each other completely miss the fact that our 1789 American republic was the first serious, large-scale nation-state experiment with democracy within a western-world republic since the Greeks tried it almost 3000 years earlier.

In...1777... Hamilton wrote: “[A] representative democracy, where the right of election is well secured and regulated & the exercise of the legislative, executive and judiciary authorities, is vested in select persons, chosen really and not nominally by the people, will in my opinion be most likely to be happy, regular and durable.”'
March 8, 2023

Senate Republicans Having None of Tucker Carlson...


Civil Discourse with Joyce Vance

'...Tucker Carlson took the footage from January 6 that Speaker Kevin McCarthy gave...exclusively to him, and used it to craft an alternative narrative about the peaceful protest that happened that day. That’s the polite way of saying: it was a pack of lies. The QAnon Shaman, Carlson would have you believe, was patiently escorted through the halls of the Capitol by obliging Capitol Police officers.

...in response to Carlson’s patent abuse of the video footage, Republican senators decided this was a bridge too far and they needed to get just over the edge of it and on to the right side of history. Mitch McConnell likely gave them all his blessing; the comments came in a pack Tuesday morning, perhaps prompted by a letter from Chief Tom Manger of the Capitol Police, who called Carlson’s coverage “cherry-picked,” “offensive,” and “misleading.”

'...North Carolina Senator Thom Tillis went a little bit further, calling Carlson’s show “bullshit.” South Dakota’s Mike Rounds was a bit more eloquent, saying, “I thought it was an insurrection at that time. I still think it was an insurrection today.”
March 8, 2023

The FoxNews TakeDown: Now Comes Smartmatic..


'Smartmatic said the Murdochs, as the ultimate authorities at the network’s corporate parent, “directed Fox News Network to embrace disinformation following the 2020 U.S. election as a business decision.”...Smartmatic says its technology was used only in Los Angeles County during the 2020 election. Yet Fox News repeatedly gave Trump’s lawyers a platform to cast Smartmatic as an election-rigging specialist involved in a technological conspiracy to scuttle votes for Trump or shift them to Democrat Joe Biden in multiple battleground states.

Smartmatic claims the Murdochs “participated in, encouraged, played an affirmative role, ratified and were responsible for the broadcasting and dissemination of the defamatory reports,” despite knowing they were false. The Murdochs participated in meetings about the coverage, instructed Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott on its message and tone, and didn’t object when the segments aired, Smartmatic says.

Like Dominion, Smartmatic contends that Fox News got behind the bogus voting-fraud narrative to win back pro-Trump viewers who turned to rival conservative news outlets after Fox, correctly, declared on election night that Biden had won Arizona.'

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