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Member since: Sat Jun 15, 2019, 11:56 PM
Number of posts: 8,348

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WTF? Graham on another rant today.

Lindsey Graham clashes with Ketanji Brown Jackson on third day of hearings

Photos: Ukraine rejects Russian surrender request as attacks pick up


Pray for Ukraine. Pray for the end of this horrible war. Pray for the end of Putin's madness (the quicker the better)

No dinner at my uncles with Tara Setmayer (The Mary Trump Show)

Outstanding opening well worth a listen.

Republicans attempt to attach liberal democracy to pedophilia

Heather Cox Richardson: Letters from an American

She covers a lot of topics in this letter, all of them important, but this is a stomach churning abomination by conservative political and religious leaders that seemed to have begun with Putin.

'In 2013, Putin shored up his waning popularity by passing legislation that banned allowing children to see “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations,”...He equated modern liberal democracies, with their defense of the rights of all, with pedophilia."

'American evangelicals embraced that connection. Franklin Graham wrote: “In my opinion, Putin is right on these issues…. [H]e has taken a stand to protect his nation’s children from the damaging effects of any gay and lesbian agenda.”

'...senator Rick Scott, has provided a blueprint for what the Republicans will do if they get a majority...“An 11-point plan to rescue America,”'

“The nuclear family is crucial to civilization, it is God’s design for humanity, and it must be protected and celebrated...The fanatical left seeks to devalue and redefine the traditional family...To protect the family, the Republican plan calls for destroying the business regulation, social safety net, federal promotion of infrastructure, and protection of civil rights that Americans have embraced since the 1930s and handing power over to the wealthy.

Wow! Mark Meadows' Double-Wide Voter Fraud

Mark Meadows' Double-Wide Voter Fraud: Meadows Now Faces Federal AND State Criminal Investigation

Have you noticed that Lawrence O'Donnell is

spending a few minutes each night praising Ali Velshi? I hope this helps Velshi get his own prime time show. I really miss Brian Williams and with Rachel winding down, I've begun looking for other alternatives. I don't know who makes the programming decisions at MSNBC, but they really suck. Just an old lady's opinion.

Jon Huntsman on Putin - worth the read.

'Former Ambassador says, "the Putin Era Is Over," - 'but warns America to brace itself for what's coming next.'


"Today, Russia's war on Ukraine gave us a penetrating snapshot of democracy and autocracy."

"Russia specialist Anne Applebaum tweeted: “Putin’s call for a ‘self-purification’ of Russian society can have only one intention: To remind Russians of Stalin and his ‘purges.’ He wants them to be haunted by dark, ancestral memories, to remember their grandparents' stories and to be petrified with fear.

Meanwhile, sanctions imposed by countries around the world are strangling the Russian economy. Reuters today reported that Russia is “on the brink of its first default on international debt since the Bolshevik revolution [of 1917].” A Russian political scientist tweeted: “I have collected some thoughts on the immediate impact of sanctions on the Russian economy.” The short version: “30 years of economic development thrown into the bin.” “All in all, no other economy in the world has experienced anything like this—extreme de-globalization in a matter of days.”


U.S. Companies Remain in Russia as World Ramps Up Pressure on Putin


Check out the full list of American companies still in Russia below:

AbbVie (Biopharmaceutical)
Air Products and Chemicals (Industrial gas)
Amway (Health, beauty, home care)
Authentic Brands Group (Brand management)
Baker Huges (Oil fields services)
Baker Tilly (Accountancy firm)
BBDO Group (Advertising)
Cargill (Food processing and distribution)
Citirx (Computer software, cloud computing)
Cloudflare (Cloud computing)
DDB (Advertising)
Focus Brands (Restuarants)
General Mills (Food processing)
Greif (Packaging)
Halliburton (Oil fields services)
Hyatt Hotels Corporation (Hospitality)
International Paper (Paper production)
Interpublic Group (Advertising)
IPG Photonics (Fibre lasers)
Koch Industries (Conglomerate)
Leo Burnett Worldwide (Advertising)
Marriott Hotels & Resorts (Hospitality)
Mattler Toledo (Scientific instruments)
Mondelez International (Food processing)
Nalco Water (Water treatment)
Omnicon Media Group (Communications)
Subway (Restaurants)
White & Case (Law firm)

This morning Joe Scarborough bashed China and promoted 'make it in America'

Well, no shit, Joe. But where were Republicans when you were in the House? I'll tell you where, they were here:

"Republicans blasting China forget that the GOP enabled Beijing's rise"

"...China’s enormous capacity to build and make things on the cheap needed an equally massive market to buy its products. Enter Republicans and corporate America who, along with a handful of “centrist” Democrats, eagerly handed an enormous strategic gift to Beijing.

In a seminal vote, the United States normalized trade with Beijing, opening the floodgates to the mass outsourcing of well-paying American manufacturing jobs to China. ....

A whopping 75 percent of House Republicans voted in favor of shipping American jobs to China. Democrats, wary of the myriad economic, environmental and labor repercussions of normalizing trade with China, rebuked a “centrist” president and voted against the measure by a two-to-three margin.


Note: Article published in 2020 but pertinent background to Joe's comments today.
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