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Member since: Sat Jun 15, 2019, 11:56 PM
Number of posts: 7,518

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Just a reminder, this happened: 'In 1939 the Nazis Held a Rally at Madison Square Garden'

We beat them back then and we'll beat them back again.

What crazy shit is this? Putin Announces Creation of Two New Countries


Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Republicans missing deomographic info.

Ukraine update: Letters from an American - Heather Cox Richardson


"Europe and the United States have vowed severe economic repercussions if Russia attacks Ukraine. But pro-democracy observers have called for the U.S. and the U.K. to crack down on the flow of Russian money into their countries regardless of what the next weeks bring.

Indeed, while Biden has made ending that corruption and strengthening democracy a priority for his administration, not all Americans think allying with Putin, an authoritarian who poisons his opponents, siphons his country’s money into his own pockets, and has argued that liberal democracy is obsolete, is a bad idea. Led by Fox News Channel personality Tucker Carlson, the Trump wing of the Republican Party appears to be throwing its weight behind Putin."

Joe Biden will NEVER pardon Donald Trump, but...there will be other Presidents

Want to feel good? Watch 96 year old Dick Van Dyke dance with his wife - Awesome


'Executive Order on Promoting Competition in the American Economy' - Remember this?


No? Neither do I. Little press coverage to putting the brakes on corporate greed and giving everyday Americans a huge boost. It's a long read, but it will make you smile. Make no mistake: Joe is our FDR.

"This order affirms that it is the policy of my Administration to enforce the antitrust laws to combat the excessive concentration of industry, the abuses of market power, and the harmful effects of monopoly and monopsony — especially as these issues arise in labor markets, agricultural markets, Internet platform industries, healthcare markets (including insurance, hospital, and prescription drug markets), repair markets, and United States markets directly affected by foreign cartel activity....
It is also the policy of my Administration to enforce the antitrust laws to meet the challenges posed by new industries and technologies, including the rise of the dominant Internet platforms, especially as they stem from serial mergers, the acquisition of nascent competitors, the aggregation of data, unfair competition in attention markets, the surveillance of users, and the presence of network effects....

It is also the policy of my Administration to support aggressive legislative reforms that would lower prescription drug prices, including by allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices, by imposing inflation caps, and through other related reforms. It is further the policy of my Administration to support the enactment of a public health insurance option...."

One Thing I know For Sure...

Number One daughter, Ivanka, and that weasel she married are not going to go down for Daddy Trump.

Thank you for the ❤. Love you folks.

Ah, the sweet smell of indictment:


"The Mazars letter told the Trump organization that Trump’s financial statements from years ending June 2011 through June 2020 could not be relied upon to be accurate,...that they were not reliable"

Lawyer George Conway interpreted the letter for non-lawyers. He tweeted:

'decision regarding the financial…statements’=they are false because you lied
'totality of the circumstances’=the D.A. is serious
‘non-waivable conflict of interest’=we are now on team D.A.
‘not able to provide new work product’=sorry we’re not going to jail for you”

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