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Member since: Fri Jun 7, 2019, 10:14 PM
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The different sects of the future Republican Party

Since the Republican Party seems to be breaking into different factions, it may as well codify those factions as the Jewish people have done.
First, you have the Orthodox, who you can identify by the red hats they always wear and lack of face masks.
Then there's the Conservatives. They wear the red hats, but only to the rallies, and they WILL wear masks, but ONLY if the masks say "This is What Tyranny Looks Like".
Then there's the Reformed. They never wear red hats, they WILL wear masks when required, but they are hesitant to get the Covid vaccine because MAYBE it does change your DNA and turn you gay.
There's also Reconstructionist, and I've about run out of ideas, EXCEPT FOR;
The Ultra-Orthodox. Easily distinguishable by, well, you know, ...the horned-helmet guy. Perhaps he can become the Rebbe.
(Please, no offense to anyone, only done in fun)

I watched Colbert's The Late Show, and he made an analogy

He said something to the effect of, it's like America's been living in squalor with our unfit parents for the last 4 years, but then Grandpa Joe drove up, and said "Come on, kid, pack your stuff, your going to be staying with me for a while. Sure, it'll be a little boring, but you'll have a nice warm bed and you'll know what every day will bring."
Maybe its just because my grandparents were there for me, or because my wife and I are protective of our grandchildren, but that analogy really resonated with me.
Here's the link to that portion of the show - the 'Grandpa Joe' stuff is at the last couple of minutes.
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