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Member since: Fri Jun 7, 2019, 10:14 PM
Number of posts: 605

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Don't know if this belongs in Greatest Threads, but we all need a laugh


I think John Kelly just grabbed him by the pussy.

It's so bad, Putin is shifting his support to Kanye!

These days, it's hard to tell The Onion News

From the rest of the news. I mean, the crazy shit comes at you so fast, that it's hard to sort out the real crazy shit from the satirical crazy shit.
An example;

I see a problem with Trump's golfing analogy about choking on a putt.

For some reason, these particular golfers only 'choke ' when they're hitting BLACK golf balls.
I don't know anything about golf, but maybe there's a handicap for that?

God, it felt SO good to laugh. Had to share it.


Trump campaign dispatches Pence to shore up Mormon support -- after harsh criticism from Mitt Romney

Source: RawStory

Vice President Mike Pence is coming to Mesa Tuesday to help launch a ‘Latter-day Saints for Trump’ coalition in what appears to be a late-in-the-game play to win over LDS voters, who tend to vote Republican but hold values that clash with some of the president’s

Read more: https://www.rawstory.com/2020/08/trump-campaign-dispatches-pence-to-shore-up-mormon-support-after-harsh-criticism-from-mitt-romney-and-jeff-flake-report/

How inconvenient that LDS voters hold "values". Is Pence going to 'fix' that?

QAnon, Coronavirus and the Conspiracy Cult

Saw this video on BBC News. It was a little startling how fast QAnon has been growing since the coronavirus. Also talks about the QAnon followers in politics. Something (another virus) that needs to be taken seriously.


Portland Protesters are using good old-fashioned ingenuity

When the Feds get tough, the tough get smarter.

Robot Dolphins:The Cruelty-free 'Animal' You Can't Tell from the Real Thing

Fascinating article in The Guardian.
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