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Member since: Fri Jun 7, 2019, 10:14 PM
Number of posts: 526

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I'm thankful for my fellow DUers

This will be the first time in our married lives (43 years) that we will spend Thanksgiving without ANY of our children or grandchildren at home. Its harder on my wife than it is on me.
I know that many of my fellow DUers are experiencing the same thing, some without even the company of a spouse. My heart goes out to all of you.

I saw this in an advice column today

"Dear Amy:
My father-in-law refuses to believe that Biden has won the presidential election, and flies into a rage every time the subject is brought up. He gets red in the face, stamps his feet, and will even throw things. My wife insists that we should protect him by going out of our way to avoid any mention of the election. But I feel that postponing the inevitable will only result in increased hostility and feelings of isolation in a man who already believes the world is conspiring against him.
My question is, would it be better coming from me, or from an old family friend, whom he trusts? I'm sure this friend would be glad to help, in between speaking engagements at landscaping companies.

J. Rod"

A family conundrum for next four years

My daughter texted me a couple of days ago, to ask that I don't mention the election to her husband because he voted for Trump. I'll try to honor her wish - I certainly don't want to to make a difficult situation more difficult for her, and I do love and respect my son-in-law. But, just how long do I have to avoid it? Do I have to pretend for the next four years that Trump is still the president when I'm with her husband?

A BLUE wave would have been nice,

But I'll settle for a 'Goodbye' wave!

a shame I can't seem to post an image here

I've got a bottle of Korbel champagne with the presidential seal that I've had for nearly 20 years. Its a beautiful thing. I'm going to drink it when Joe Biden is elected president. I wanted to share that with the good people at DU. Thanks for the sanity.

So it seems that covid was running rampant in the Rose Garden

during the announcement of the Supreme Court nomination. Good to know that SOMETHING thrives in Melania's butchered Rose Garden. Maybe it should be known as 'Melania's Covid Gardens'.
Sorry. We should be sad.

Biden won the debate by default

Trump was a no-show. You know those dolls that say random things when you pull the string? Trump sent one of those dolls onto the debate stage, a life-sized replica. It became obvious when the string got stuck.

Trump blames Blue states for his high Covid death numbers

I guess he thinks Democrats are dying, just to make him look bad. The truth is, the highest death rates now are in states that voted for him. It's easier just to lie.

Don't know if this belongs in Greatest Threads, but we all need a laugh


I think John Kelly just grabbed him by the pussy.

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