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Kamala Harris plans 5-day Iowa bus tour

Kamala Harris is planning to ramp up her presidential campaign travel schedule and public appearances next month, starting with a five-day bus tour through Iowa.

The shift to a more intense retail operation follows Harris' rise in public opinion polls in the Democratic primary. She is attempting to capitalize on momentum following a breakout debate performance last month, in which she criticized former Vice President Joe Biden for his past opposition to busing and former associations with segregationist senators.

Harris had been slower than some of her competitors to develop a field operation in Iowa, the first-in-the-nation caucus state, and some of her rivals were far more active there earlier in the election cycle.

But Harris’ campaign had long said that it planned to embark on longer campaign swings and to do more public events by late summer and early fall. An adviser told POLITICO on Thursday that the campaign was consciously conserving staffing resources throughout the first few months of the campaign.

Harris now has more than 65 staffers in Iowa, and her campaign is attempting to capitalize on momentum from the first debate by intensifying its retail efforts now. The California senator is running at 13 percent in the latest Morning Consult poll. In Iowa, a Focus on Rural America poll this month put Harris at 18 percent in the first-in-the-nation caucus state — in a cluster with Biden and Sen. Elizabeth Warren.


What? No Ping Pong Balls?

I am extremely disappointed that CNN will not be using a Lottery-style ping pong ball machine to select the candidates for the two nights of debates on July 30th and 31st.

They are going to draw cards from boxes. Yes, boxes.

Where is the spectacle in that?

I expected so much more from a serious news network like CNN than the use of boxes to assign candidates to each debate. I mean what is the point of hosting a prime time extravaganza for a serious matter like Presidential Candidate debates if it isn't done with pizzazz, with showmanship, with some pyrotechnics?

The 2nd Democratic primary Debate deserved much more dignity than a night of drawing cards from boxes.

It deserved ping pong balls.

Kamala Harris says Trump should be scared to debate her

On the latest podcast episode of Jemele Hill is Unbothered, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) pulled no punches. While the senator’s well-known megawatt smile and infectious laugh were on display, the former California attorney general also had a few stern and serious messages to convey. [snip]

Why She Decided to Run
The thing that really at the end of the day compelled me to make the decision to jump in this race and I was talking to my sister about it, is I felt so strongly and really quite emotional. And what this is what I said: “If I don’t get in this race, there is a voice that will not be present on that stage and a voice that needs to be heard.”

Why She Wants to Include Bills Like Rent and Utilities in the Credit Score
So here’s the thing, credit score is your credit score. If it’s good or bad, we’ll determine whether you have access to capital, whether you have access to loans. One of the things that we don’t measure, which I intend to change, is we don’t really have [an] accurate measure of people’s financial responsibility. For example, in your credit scores, they’re not measuring the fact that you pay rent on time. Let’s measure that. Let’s measure the fact that people pay their phone bill on time. Let’s measure the fact people pay their utilities on time because that’s an indication of financial responsibility, which is the whole point of it. Are you financially responsible so that I loan you this money? Well, so I want to change it.

Breaking Down the Gender Wage Gap
We’re talking about things like equal pay. The equal pay act was passed in the United States of America in 1963 we’ve been talking about this and talking about this and talking about it. Well, fast forward to the year of our Lord 2019 and women are still paid 80 cents on the dollar, black women’s 61 cents on the dollar, native American women, 58 cents, Latinas, 53 cents. I’m done. Like we don’t need to debate the question any longer. Are women paid equally for equal work? It’s a non debatable point. The question becomes what are we going to do about it?

Creating True Pay Equity for Women
So here’s what I’m prepared to do. I’m prepared to say I’m going to shift the burden from that working woman to prove to the employer that she’s not getting paid the same amount for the same work and shift the burden to the corporations to prove that they are paying women equally for equal work. If they are not, they will have to pay a fine, which will be for every 1% differential between what they pay men and women. It will be an equal 1% of their profits from the year before. That’ll get their attention.


Kamala Harris Blasts 'Predator' Trump

Kamala Harris Blasts ‘Predator’ Trump to Jimmy Kimmel for Racist Attacks on Ilhan Omar and ‘The Squad’

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) returned to Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week with a lot more juice than she had the last time she stopped by the show back in March.

“Of the four leading candidates for the 2020 Democratic nomination for president, our first guest is the only one young enough to have listened to Offset and Cardi B on purpose,” Jimmy Kimmel said in his introduction, referring to two of his other guests on the show. As the host began to tout her “surge” in the polls, Harris insisted that she doesn’t pay attention to the numbers.

“The only poll that matters to me is on Election Day,” the senator said. From her earliest days running for district attorney in California, Harris said she decided she would “pay attention to the voters and the people and leave it to the consultants to pay attention to the polls.”

Kimmel joked, “I think you broke two of Joe Biden’s ribs at the debate, are you aware of that? Do you have any regret of going in so hard on him?”

“You know, I felt strongly that we needed to have a full discussion about that era in our country. And it was a discussion that had been occurring for probably about two weeks before the debate. And I felt the need to be sure that we are reflecting true history as it relates to integration of the schools and the need to force integration because there were so many states that were adamant against allowing the children of all races to be educated together.”

Since Trump “barely mentioned” her at his rally Wednesday night—instead choosing to continue attacking the four freshmen congresswomen known as “The Squad”—Kimmel suggested that the president is “scared” of her. “Why do you think he’s focusing on these congresswomen so much?” he asked.

“I think that he has defiled the office of the president of the United States,” Harris said, adding that he used the power of his office to “beat people down instead of what real power and strength is about, which is lifting people up, and that’s why I also call him a coward.”
Comparing Trump to the type of “predators” that she used to prosecute, Harris said that “by their very nature and character and instinct, they prey on the vulnerable, they prey on those they believe to be weak, they prey on those who are in need of help and often desperate in need of help. And this is the kind of characteristic that we see in this president.”


Warren introduces bill expanding food stamps to low-income college students

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Rep. Al Lawson introduce bill expanding food stamps to low-income college students

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Al Lawson introduced on Wednesday legislation that would make low-income college students eligible for benefits under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

The College Student Hunger Act of 2019 would amend the Food and Nutrition Act of 2008 to include college students who qualify for a federal Pell grant or whose families are considered low-income.
Most people ages 18 to 49 who are enrolled in college and have no disabilities are ineligible for food stamps, except for certain students in state-designated work and training programs, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture website. Warren is a Democrat from Massachusetts and Lawson is a Florida Democrat.

The legislation comes months after a Government Accountability Office report found that 2 million at-risk college students who could be eligible for SNAP didn’t receive benefits in 2016.
In Massachusetts, college students have reported going hungry. Emerson College and Bunker Hill Community College, both in Boston, are just two of several universities across the country that have launched food pantries for students who can’t afford meals.

“As more and more students struggle to afford college and take on a mountain of student loan debt, nearly one in three college students cannot even afford basic necessities like food,” said Warren who is running for the president. “Our bill will ensure students have the support they need to work toward a better future without going hungry.”


Kamala Harris overtakes Joe Biden in new poll of California voters

Following her performance in the first Democratic presidential debate, California Sen. Kamala Harris has overtaken former Vice President Joe Biden, according to a Quinnipiac University survey of California Democratic voters.
The poll released Wednesday shows Harris with a lead of 2 percentage points — her first lead in a major public opinion poll of California voters. Harris got support from 23 percent of respondents, while Biden got 21 percent.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ matched the 18 percent he received in an April poll from Quinnipiac, while Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren jumped dramatically from 7 percent to 16 percent over that same period. Biden previously polled at 26 percent, while Harris ranked third at 17 percent.

Tim Malloy, assistant director of the poll, said Harris’s debate performance is what has placed her at the top of the crowded field of 25 candidates.

“Rewind it and take a hard look at the debate: Kamala Harris went from a well-known candidate in California to a national figure,” Malloy said. “Elizabeth Warren has been moving along incrementally, but Kamala Harris hit it out of the park in that debate and Joe Biden hit a single. When a local figure does that well in front of the big spotlight on a national stage, it may fortify people’s positive feelings about her.”


Latest YouGov Poll Jul14-16

Jul 14-16, 2019 572 responders
538 B rated : YouGov poll

Biden..... 21% last week, 23% this week
Warren... 18% last week, 15% this week
Sanders.. 10% last week, 13% this week
Harris..... 13% last week, 10% this week
Buttigieg.. 9% last week, 7% this week

Biden lead +3 last week, +8 this week

Margin of Error: +/-3% for registered voters


Disclaimer: This is an early poll. No single poll result, especially this early, should be over emphasized.

Movement in this poll is in the 2-3% range from last week, which is within the margin of error.
Another poll showing another essentially unchanged week, are voters in a holding pattern until the next debate?

Harris, Warren surge in new California poll

The latest Quinnipiac California poll shows Harris leading among 2020 presidential hopefuls, with 23 percent of California Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters now behind her — surging six points since the last Quinnipiac survey in April. Biden, at 21 percent, has lost five points in that same period.

Closely following are Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who has remained static at 18 percent, and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, now at 16 percent, more than doubling her 7 percent standing in April.

The top tier of 2020 hopefuls is followed in the current poll by South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg at 3 percent and entrepreneur Andrew Yang at 2 percent. Four Democratic candidates track at 1 percent, with the remainder all polling less than one percent, the poll showed.
On the issue of electability, Biden is the overwhelming favorite, with 45 percent saying that the former VP has the best chance of beating President Donald Trump, compared to just 12 percent for Sanders, 11 percent for Harris and 8 percent for Warren.
Twenty-six percent of California Democrats also say Biden would be the best leader, compared to 18 percent for Harris, 17 percent for Sanders and 14 percent for Warren.

But Harris leads the pack in the excitement factor — with 68 percent of California Democrats saying they would be most excited by her nomination, followed by 65 percent for Warren, 58 percent for Biden and 55 percent for Sanders as the standard-bearer.
Twenty-eight percent say Warren has the best policy ideas, with 20 percent for Sanders, 11 percent for Biden and 9 percent for Harris.


Disclaimer: This is an early poll. No single poll result, especially this early, should be over emphasized.

Notice that 45% thought Biden was "most electable", yet only 21% actually preferred him as the nominee. The only way THAT makes any sense is that the responders also feel other candidates can also defeat Trump.

Biden DESTROYS the field in Missouri Poll

Jul 10-11, 2019
538 C rated: Remington Research Group

Biden...…. 43%
Warren..... 15%
Harris....... 13%
Buttigieg... 5%
Sanders.... 4%
O'Rourke.. 1%

Biden lead a staggering +28.

Disclaimer: This is an early poll. No single poll result, especially this early, should be over emphasized.

Biden Campaign, this beer is for YOU! Enjoy the poll.

Harris rises into 2nd place in new poll of NH primary voters

Kamala Harris rises into second place in new Saint Anselm College poll of NH primary voters

Sen. Kamala Harris has moved into second place among Democratic presidential contenders, while Sen. Bernie Sanders has dropped into fifth place, in the latest New Hampshire primary poll conducted by Saint Anselm College.

Harris, apparently still resonating with voters following her debate performance more than two weeks ago, is backed by by 17.5 percent of likely Democratic first-in-the-nation primary voters. That support puts her just more than 3 percentage points behind former Vice President Joe Biden, who received 20.8 percent.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is a close third, at 16.7 percent, less than a percentage point behind Harris. Sanders registered 9.9 percent, behind Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who is fourth in the poll with 11.5 percent.
Former U.S. Rep. Beto O’Rourke, after registering at 6.4 percent in a Saint Anselm College poll in April, received zero percent support in the new poll.

The Saint Anselm College Survey Center said it polled 351 registered voters expressing an intention to vote in the 2020 New Hampshire Democratic presidential primary between July 10 and 12. The survey center said the poll was conducted via landline and cellular telephone calls.

The poll’s margin of error is 5.2 percent, which means that the top three candidates -- Biden, Harris and Warren – are in a statistical tie.

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