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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: NJ
Home country: USA
Current location: Princeton
Member since: Thu May 9, 2019, 01:32 PM
Number of posts: 218

About Me

I am looking forward to engaging with likeminded others about important issues related to 2020 and beyond.

Journal Archives

Lunch with Gillibrand tomorrow, right?

Glad I won't be there.

The others are not mean or foolish enough to keep kicking Franken when he is down.

Having the humility to apologize is a hallmark of a good leader. Barack never hesitated to apologize when he felt he was in the wrong, for example. Hillary never apologized for her IWR vote and it hurt her in 2008.

The other senator is smart enough to stop digging... and not run for President.

Too bad she isn't.

So you are accusing everyone on this thread of sexism?

Seriously? Playing that card is tired.

Give the man props. He nailed it.

I hope that Pete and Beto are going to be on a Democratic Presidential ticket someday.

If this were Bernie....

... glad to see there is no Beto Derangement Syndrome.

Sanders made being an unabashed leftie cool to an entire generation of youth who then voted.

A big reason the 2018 midterm election was so successful for Democrats is because of youth voters came out in droves. The Democratic Party owes him a great debt.

I will also say that because of Bernie, the Democratic Party has moved unabashedly to the left from the bad old days of the DLC. My senator Booker was a total Wall Street hugging DLC Democrat before he made himself over into a liberal.

Keep that in your back pocket. Mittens is planning on running in 2024.

David Axelrod made the best ads for Barack. Man, those were the days... I hope Biden can count on them this time around too.

I could care less. Let's get Chump out of office.

This kind of issue is so negligible right now as to be asinine when contemplating the shitstain who is in the Oval Office.

I hope those shameless enough to imply Biden is a racist are taking note.

We are not falling for your nonsense!
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