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Source for 'Ukraine Collusion' Allegations Met Devin Nunes

Source: The Daily Beast

Ex-diplomat Andrii Telizhenko said he and Nunes discussed Ukrainian politics and how to fight Russian propaganda.

Betsy Swan
Political Reporter
Published 11.05.19 5:26AM ET

The former Ukrainian diplomat at the center of allegations that Kyiv meddled in the 2016 election has met Rep. Devin Nunes, the California firebrand who is one of President Trump’s top defenders.

The revelation indicates that Andrii Telizhenko’s connections in Washington are wider than previously known. Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer, has enthusiastically promoted Telizhenko’s allegations and met with him extensively. And Trump has touted his claims.

“Congressman Nunes had a really interesting and good impact on me as a very positive and influential politician who loves America and is interested in Ukraine and developments on fighting Russia,” Telizhenko told The Daily Beast. “We talked about how to fight Russian aggression in Ukraine and Russian propaganda.”

The previously unreported conversation is the only known encounter between two of the more significant figures in the story of Trump’s relationships with Russia and Ukraine. Nunes’ office did not respond to a request for comment on this story.

Read more: https://www.thedailybeast.com/andrii-telizhenko-source-for-ukraine-collusion-allegations-met-rep-devin-nunes?ref=home

Holy cow.

Biggest Winner in "Fuhgedaboud Epstein" Push.

His dad hired Epstein.

America needs to do the same.

Nationwide Nazi Emergency

Be on the lookout for these morons and cretins...armed and dangerous...call themselves “good people”...

Mitch McConnell's support in Kentucky has cratered...

...since he attached himself to Trump — and now his seat is on the line

Written by Tom Boggioni / Raw Story October 31, 2019


“The poll showing that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the president’s most stolid defender, is down to a 18 percent job approval rating in Kentucky. Only 37 percent in the Public Policy Poll said they would vote for him again next year,” she wrote, adding that McConnell’s numbers should serve as a warning to all GOP lawmakers no matter how conservative their states are.

“The Bluegrass State is the canary in the mine for how much Trump can help, or hurt, a candidate as his impeachment looks ever more likely. After two weeks of unimpeachable civil servants bearing witness to an impeachable president, clinging to Trump out of fear he will kill you if you don’t do what he says is becoming more politically perilous,” she wrote before pointing out: “McConnell’s facing his toughest race since he first won election in 1984.”

As such, McConnell has moved ever-so-slightly away from Trump, with Carlson writing, “As his poll numbers have dropped and his re-election bid looms, McConnell has made ever so slight moves to distance himself from Trump, whose whims now extend to the slaughter of our erstwhile allies, like the Kurds and Ukrainians. Somewhere inside the old McConnell lives a patriot and institutional loyalist appalled that Trump has deputized a shadow government staffed by rogue operators like Rudy Giuliani and his now-indicted pals. To those ends, McConnell recently refused to confirm Trump’s claim that McConnell said his Ukrainian call was ‘innocent,’ or to agree that impeachment is a “lynching.” He hedges his criticism of impeachment by objecting to the process.”

Unfortunately for McConnell, as she writes, should things go south for Trump, McConnell will likely be dogged by the fact that his wife, Elain Chao works in the Trump administration as Secretary of Labor and because of a fundraising email he sent out using stopping Trump’s impeachment as a hook for donations.



Ha ha. It is to laugh.

Senator Warren is Exactly Right

"Warren is determined to talk about the substance of the issue, whether or not the reporters want to hear it.

by Dean Baker


For a larger context, consider how the budget is reported. Reporters routinely highlight the budget deficit and the accumulated debt, as though this is the most important feature of the budget. It is at least implicit in nearly all reporting that the country would be better off with a lower budget deficit.

This is also indicated in their choice of sources. An incredibly high percentage of budget stories in leading news outlets (i.e. the New York Times, Washington Post, and National Public Radio) feature comments from Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, an organization committed to lower deficits and debt.

News stories on the budget almost never present the countervailing view, which is endorsed by a growing number of economists, that the budget deficit has generally been too small in the years following the Great Recession. The result has been that growth has been slower than it otherwise would have been, causing workers to be needlessly unemployed.

Furthermore, there is now considerable research on the concept of "hysteresis," which means that there are lasting effects of a period of slow growth and high unemployment. The logic is that many of the people who go unemployed for long periods of time lose skills and may end up being permanently unemployed. In addition, less growth will typically mean less investment. This lost investment means the economy will be less productive in the future. Furthermore, there is even a generational impact, since we know the children of unemployed parent(s) are likely to have poorer educational prospects and therefore worse labor market prospects when they grow up.

Instead of the debt and deficit posing a generational burden on our children, as the conventional story has it, the opposite is true. The failure to run deficits that are large enough to push the economy to full employment leaves the country, and our children, poorer than they otherwise would be.



Hey, Congressional Democrats! Go Big!

Investigate. Document. Indict. Impeach Demented Donnie for ALL his high crimes, misdemeanors and treasons.

Then, use the opportunity to tell We the People how all roads lead to Putin — and show what has been done to harm the United States on television.

Later, if Moscow Mitch, Lindsey Leningram and the GOPNRA Senate won’t convict and remove, no matter what, fine.

The Reputin Party can spend 2020 explaining how they let a traitor stay in office to continue harming the country.

They even ordered pizza.



Remember Barr was given super-top secret power to oversee IC

Trump gives attorney general Barr sweeping power to declassify intelligence in Russia probe review


So...it doesn’t take an Unstable Moron to see how that authority can be abused most profitably, even if it is treason.


Nice ring to it.

Barr quashed the investigation of all that Taylor today revealed.

EU Amb. Sondland role shows Trumputin wanted US to betray NATO!

Sondland’s job was to represent USA before European Union.

In that role, Trump sent Sondland to Ukraine to assist Giuliani and Co.’s work to get dirt on an American politician in exchange for $400 million in military aid.

Taylor’s testimony today reinforced Trump’s actions betrayed an ally, Ukraine, to the benefit of mob boss Putin.

Sondland’s presence in Europe puts him in a position to do the same treasons to our European allies — a foreign policy to corrupt elections at home in exchange for selling out our country to our nation’s greatest foe.
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