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Kid Berwyn

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Member since: Mon May 6, 2019, 07:01 PM
Number of posts: 5,332

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Impeach Trump Now

1. Traitor: Trump conspired with our sworn enemy to “win” election.
2. Corrupt: Obstructed justice in its investigation of conspiracy; and has used office to enrich himself, reward friends and punish enemies.
3. Pedosadist: Protects child sex traffickers, rapists and predators - including himself.

Please add reasons pro or Don the Con or to comment.

Like Bob and Jimi said, the hour is getting late.

The Ties That Bind Jeffrey Epstein, William Barr & Donald Trump

Todd Neikirk
Hill Reporter, May 19, 2019

During Attorney General, William Barr’s confirmation hearing, he was mostly peppered with questions about how he would handle the Mueller Report. Senator Ben Sasse’s (R-NE) questioning, however, diverged from the pack. Sasse asked Barr about the lenient sentence given out to billionaire pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein. The future Attorney General told Sasse that he would look into the matter.

This, however, was not the first connection between Barr and his family and the disgraced pedophile. In 1973, Barr’s father Donald, the headmaster at Manhattan’s Dalton School, hired Epstein as a calculus and physics teacher.

While hiring Epstein, a noted mathematics genius, was not strange on its face, the hire was unusual for a number of reasons. Epstein had not earned a college degree as he dropped out of New York’s prestigious Cooper Union. The other odd circumstance was that the new teacher was only 20 years of age.

Apparently, the hire was a successful one. The New Yorker wrote in a 2003 profile on Epstein, “he was something of a Robin Williams–in–Dead Poets Society type of figure, wowing his high-school classes with passionate mathematical riffs.” Epstein’s mathematical skills caught the eye of Bear Stearns’ chairman, Alan “Ace” Greenberg, whose son attended the Dalton School. Greenberg hired Epstein as an options trader and the former teacher was able to amass a fortune.




Barr must’ve seen something in that young man, otherwise there’s no logical rationale for the hire.

Star Spangled Banana

It is a sad day for our country when comparisons between the leader of Nazi Germany and the president of the United States are apt. It is an even sadder day when no one seems to notice.

— Christopher Brauchli


Gohmert calls Mueller an 'anal opening' ahead of testimony

The Hill, 07/01/19

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) called former special counsel Robert Mueller an "anal opening" ahead of the former FBI chief's public testimony before Congress.

“He’s done some irreparable damage to some things and he’s got to answer for them,” Gohmert told Politico. He is one of 25 Republicans on the House Intelligence and Judiciary committees who get to grill Mueller during the back-to-back hearings scheduled later this month.

The Texas lawmaker added that his reading of the former special counsel’s report did little to temper his animosity toward Mueller: “It reinforced the anal opening that I believe Mueller to be.”

Lawmakers from both parties will have the opportunity to question Mueller for hours during back-to-back House hearings on July 17 about the findings of his 22-month investigation into Russia’s election interference in 2016 and potential obstruction of justice by President Trump.



Wonder what Trumputin has on this guy?

How did a bankrupt unstable criminal moron become President?

Read how a traitor became president, so far as we know, in the Mueller Report:


I get the feeling Acting AG Whittaker did his best, and CIA AG Barr is doing his best, to put the kibbosh on We the People getting to the bottom of things.

In the meantime, Trumputin does all he can to shred the Constitution and enrage his base against us for noticing.

Unbelievable: Hannity - Manafort collusion

‘Unbelievable’: Paul Manafort’s texts with Sean Hannity revealed in court filing

Cody Fenwick
Alternet, June 21, 2019

Texts between former Trump Campaign Chair Paul Manafort and Fox News host Sean Hannity were released on Friday as a court filing entered in Manafort’s sentencing.


At one point, Hannity asked why Manafort didn’t get a “sweetheart deal” like Rick Gates, his deputy campaign chair who pleaded guilty in the investigation and cooperated extensively with Mueller.

“They would want me to give up [Donald Trump] or family, especially [Jared Kusner.] I would never do that,” Manafort said.

“Understand,” said Hannity. “There’s nothing to give up on [Trump.] What did [Kushner] do?”

“Nothing,” said Manafort. “Just like I did nothing. They will want me to make up shit on both. I will never do that.”



The show is called 'Treason.'

All the players’ strings are showing and lead to a couple of really rich producers.

Must tell Dumped Donnie his show is cancelled. Someone else is wearing his ring.

Trump is no JFK

For one thing, JFK was not afraid of the rain.

"Do I believe it? Not particularly."

Spoken like someone who thinks they know all they need to know about everything.

Expert Testimony plus Radar-Photographic evidence of something unknown.

Source: https://www.livescience.com/65585-ufo-sightings-us-pilots.html

Trump isn't a president, he's a gangster (Lucian K. Truscott IV)

One to forward to everyone on LinkedIn:

Trump isn’t a president, he’s a gangster

Russia, if you’re listening, La Cosa Nostra has moved into La Casa Bianca

Salon, JUNE 15, 2019 12:00PM (UTC)

The FBI had to wiretap mafia bosses like John Gotti and Vincent “The Chin” Gigante to catch them breaking the law. All they had to do to catch Donald Trump on Wednesday night was turn on ABC News. Trump proceeded to commit multiple felonies out in the open on national television when he told George Stephanopoulos he would be happy to accept dirt on his opponent from foreign governments in his 2020 re-election campaign.

"Somebody comes up and says, ‘hey, I have information on your opponent,' do you call the FBI?" Trump asked rhetorically. "It's not an interference, they have information — I think I'd take it," Trump said. "I'll tell you what, I've seen a lot of things over my life. I don't think in my whole life I've ever called the FBI. In my whole life. You don't call the FBI. You throw somebody out of your office, you do whatever you do.” He paused for a moment. “Oh, give me a break — life doesn't work that way."

He looked like he’d been gobbling Adderall. His pupils were pinned, and he kept doing that thing with his hands, holding them in front of himself and moving them apart and then together impatiently, talking to Stephanopoulos like he was a school child just learning about politics rather than the seasoned operative he is (Stephanopoulos was one of the architects of the Bill Clinton campaign when he won the presidency in 1992 and has covered political campaigns as a reporter and news anchor in the decades since then).

But perhaps Trump was right. Maybe Stephanopoulos needs a good talking to from the Capo du tutti capo on Pennsylvania Avenue. Doesn’t George get it that politics in the age of Trump is a criminal enterprise, that politicians are no different from gangsters? They don’t go to the FBI and turn each other in. They don’t report crimes. They commit them, and they keep their mouths shut. My buddy’s having sex with underage girls? Call the FBI? Are you kidding?



America, we have a problem. I suggest we apply the Mafia Solution:

“No man. No problem.”
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