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Kid Berwyn

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Member since: Mon May 6, 2019, 07:01 PM
Number of posts: 5,259

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Who Are Trump's Golf Partners?


It’s a great game, yup.

How Trump described Gold Star families at Dover AFB...

Lucian K. Truscott observed:

All this is just more willful ignorance contained within his usual fog of lies. But it was his description of the grief of families meeting the bodies of their dead at Dover Air Force Base that was most illustrative of his abject disdain for human life. “They scream, like I’ve never seen anything before. They’ll break through military barriers. They’ll run to the coffin and jump on top of the coffin. Crying mothers and wives. Crying desperately.”


His actions are starting to make sense.

Why Is Trump So Enthusiastic About Americans Dying?

What is it about right-wing leaders embracing death by pandemic? If Trump was the only leader in the world doing this, it might make it easier to figure out. But wealthy oligarchs who have taken over countries around the world are doing the same thing.

by Thom Hartmann
CommonDreams, June 25, 2020


Why did he spend two months denying the obvious fact that this virus was coming to the United States and was deadly, leaving us utterly unprepared?

Why does he refuse to set a good example for Americans by wearing a face mask? Is he more concerned about smearing his makeup than the death of 200,000 Americans?

Why did he order his goons to intercept shipments of personal protective equipment and ventilators going to blue states? Where is all that equipment that he hijacked, and does he plan to offer it exclusively to red state governors? Is all this death just about politics?

Why is he shutting down testing sites in multiple states next week after bragging in his Tulsa rally that he told his people to “slow down“ the testing?

Is it possible he’s trying to let things get so bad that a vaccine in the fall will be seen as an effective October Surprise? Is that why the vaccine companies have gotten billions of federal dollars in what Trump calls “Operation Warp Speed” while rural hospitals across the country continue to close?



I think the fascists and oligarchs want to get rid of us because the Spaceship Earth they’ve despoiled is running out of air, water, food and all the rest they now want to hoard. What do you think?

They didn't even give the kids and parents ID numbers for reunification.

FTR: June is National Reunification Month.

Child welfare specialists say the children are traumatized for life, the longer the separation, the worse the trauma.

Our country is engaged in mass child abuse, a crime against humanity.


Fasciti scheisskopfe


Barr a Bully

When William Barr was nominated by George Bush Sr. to be attorney general in 1991, I got a jolt of post-traumatic stress. The announcement flashed me back to personal victimization by Barr that I had not thought of for 25 years. “Could it be,” I wondered, “that the sociopath from my childhood is really about to become the highest legal official in the land?”

Source: https://www.thedailybeast.com/bill-barr-bullied-me-because-i-backed-civil-rights

Hey, America! Why is a traitor still pResident?

Do you know what he’s doing to us?

Bolton: Trump asked Xi for China’s “help” in 2020 reelection.

He also has asked for Russia’s help, along with extorted Ukraine’s help and probably a whole lot more help.


They want us to die.

Eerily similar? Examining fates of the rich and poor during COVID-19 and 14th century Black Death pandemics

Kathryn McKinley | June 18, 2020

The coronavirus can infect anyone, but recent reporting has shown your socioeconomic status can play a big role, with a combination of job security, access to health care and mobility widening the gap in infection and mortality rates between rich and poor.

The wealthy work remotely and flee to resorts or pastoral second homes, while the urban poor are packed into small apartments and compelled to keep showing up to work.

As a medievalist, I’ve seen a version of this story before.

Following the 1348 Black Death in Italy, the Italian writer Giovanni Boccaccio wrote a collection of 100 novellas titled, “The Decameron.” These stories, though fictional, give us a window into medieval life during the Black Death – and how some of the same fissures opened up between the rich and the poor. Cultural historians today see “The Decameron” as an invaluable source of information on everyday life in 14th-century Italy.



Detroiters salute Boaters for Dotard

A flotilla of the have-mores motored down the Detroit River to send happy turdday to Demented Donnie.

From the banks, a city expressed their very best wishes...

One sign summed up the day’s sentiments...

Another shared a pet name for The Donald...

More at Metro Times: https://photos.metrotimes.com/beautfulboaters/?slide=7&102964090_249377723024004_6024898058174046379_n

Bill Barr: "Racist. Bully. Fascist."

From someone who’s known the AG since high school...

Victim of Bill Barr’s bullying slams ‘sociopathic’ attorney general as ‘lifelong racist and fascist’

by Brad Reed
Raw Story, June 15, 2020


After Barr was nominated by George H.W. Bush to be attorney general in 1991, Lohman said he felt a jolt of post-traumatic stress.

“Could it be,” he wondered, “that the sociopath from my childhood is really about to become the highest legal official in the land?”

Lohman compiled his evidence of Barr’s violent harassment, which he said escalated at Columbia, for a column published for the tiny Florida Flambeau — and that decades-old piece goes viral periodically whenever he flashes “fascist” tendencies as President Donald Trump’s attorney general.

“The amazing thing about the 1991 column – and the reason it has garnered so much attention and interest – is that long before Barr’s current era of dastardliness,” Lohman wrote, “I totally nailed him for what he is today, although he’s taken it to extremes far beyond my wildest imagination: a racist, a bully, and a fascist.”


“Barr has emerged as one of the truly evil figures of our day,” Lohman wrote. “I have hesitated even to air my childhood grievances with him because they are so trivial and petty compared to the destruction he has wreaked on the vital institutions that sustain our democratic way of life. It started Day One on the job when he squelched the evidence that would bring down a criminal and lawless president. And it peaked last week when he saw fit to sic the might of the American military on a peaceful citizenry whose only offense was to demand an end to racism.”



Gee, maybe Jeff Epstein could have answered how two people with educations turn out so differently?
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