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Captain Zero

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Member since: Fri May 3, 2019, 01:13 AM
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My Uncle (deceased) was awarded 3 Silver Stars in WW2. Question.

I've known this for a few years now. My mother had them and some others. My nephew has them now since she wanted him to have them and he promised to keep them framed with the info on the back, which was really very little info.

My question is how would an Army Air Force Ground Mechanic for fighter planes win 3 silver stars in WW2?

He was in North Africa, Sicily, Italy, and Germany, but I would have thought he was always out of harm's way at an air base in the rear. Yet, he had 3 Sliver Stars.
I know he had like a 20% disability due to some injury on one of his legs and he always helped at the DAV to help other younger guys from Korea and Vietnam to fill out whatever Veterans forms they had trouble with. At his funeral 4-5 of those guys showed up just heart broken, but he lived into his 80's, and sold Auto Parts on the road to gas stations back when gas stations did auto repairs. But no one in the family ever heard him talk about why he got Silver Stars. But if you google they are not for nothing by any means.

Oh all mom ever said is that several times in letters home during WW2, he would be sad and mention it was a rough day when one of his pilots didn't come back from a mission.

Any of your thoughts appreciated. Regards.

Anyone else's cable/internet screwed up?

My internet and cable. Same company. Has been going down constantly all through this hearing. It's down hard again just as these two militia guys start testifying.

Even DU through my phone provider connrctionbwent down once.
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