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Captain Zero

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Member since: Fri May 3, 2019, 01:13 AM
Number of posts: 5,448

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Senate Hearings on CSPAN2 are good viewing.

Bernie and Durbin cleaning Cornyn's clock.

Trump Loonies say Dominion machines in ATT Bldg.

for an audit tomorrow.

Trump won Tennessee, but Trumpers are saying Dominion machines were in the ATT Building in Nashville, where the truck bomb went off, and scheduled to be audited tomorrow.

We need a New Constitutional Amendment

There should be a new amendment to the Constitution:

An impeached president loses the power of pardon.

We have to eliminate this level of corruption in the white house for future generations. There has to be some consequence for being impeached, even though not convicted. This is an abuse we can eliminate in the future.

The post office is pretty messed up. Will the Electoral College certs get to Congress by Jan. 6?

I thought I read somewhere they would be mailed.

Lots of packages and letters and cards sitting in a 'Distribution Center' right now.
Lots of fucking mail order medications too !!

Thanks to the current president and his postmaster Louis DeJoy.
Almost looks like a plan.

Trump & DeJoys fucking of the post office delays meds

What they did to screw with the mail in ballots is now delaying some medication shipments for at least six days at this point. These are regular medicines that people need on a daily basis. Some critical to have every day. Some not advised for sudden stoppage.

I heard on pbs here in Indianapolis that about 12 trailer loads arrive nightly at the airport mail facility, but by morning only 6 trailers are leaving the airport for distribution into local post offices.

They have this so fucked up people will be dying because they can't get regular medicines, much less a vaccine.

Maybe the cutbacks to vaccine distribution are because they know it won't go anywhere if it hits the post office system at any point ?

Incompetence has been Trump's hallmark throughout this four years, now it continues.

Any chance the network hacks have contributed to the postal services problems? It wouldn't surprise me.

CNN: Trump Toying with not leaving WH Jan. 20th

They just said it. Coming back after break.
He has toyed with idea of not leaving WH ON Inauguration Day.

Has Trump bagged the Army Navy game ?

Since no one can see him in the FOG there??

It is possible to file a complaint about Curtis Hill at the Indiana AG website

If you want to complain about his abuse of power in filing an Amicus brief with the Texas suit to overthrow the elections of other states, which failed, it is possible to do so at the Indiana Attorney Generals' Website. Just fill in the check boxes and narrative boxes and submit it.

It's probably possible to do it at any state's Attorney General site who joined in this abuse of the judicial system.

Hey. Could we could jam up the pardon process? Request pardons, offer bribes? Flood the zone

Give his pardon office a lot of extra reading to wade through?
Just saying....

We could print off some old legal forms, mail them in with monopoly money to:

The White House Pardon Office
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington DC

Use some of Rudy's election filings, anything to give them reams of paper to wade through.
Posted by Captain Zero | Tue Dec 8, 2020, 11:22 PM (3 replies)

Exercise for Quarantine. Tiger Moves.

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