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Captain Zero

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Member since: Fri May 3, 2019, 12:13 AM
Number of posts: 2,762

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Biden's Science Team Picks, my only question is:

. What's he going to have the My Pillow Guy doing?.

MSNBC brief mention: STAFF of 5th District of Virginia involved (?)

Looks like a huge gerry--mandered district. Stretches from bottom to almost the top of the state.
Incumbent was primaried last year and it has a new (farther right?) Congressman.
The dem still only lost it 52-47.
That's my quick take on the district.

Within last 20 mins, MSNBC said:
1. looks like involvement from inside the capitol.
then shortly after,
2. And I definitely heard them say Virginia 5th staff.

If the coup had killed Pence, Pelosi, and Grassley. Mike Pompeo would now be 2nd in line. Qui Bono?

Do you think Pompeo himself, with his huge ego, was not the main motivator for his move from defense to state? That moved him up two spots.

Jan. 6 would have moved him up 3 more.
Success of a coup on January 6 and one more outrage and he is President.
With Martial Law in place, probably.

Qui Bono. Who Benefits?

Now if McD's and KFC cutoff deliveries to WH

He's fucked.
Posted by Captain Zero | Sat Jan 9, 2021, 11:34 PM (6 replies)

A Deal for Trump. Pardon yourself, & no one else. Resign


I don't think his self pardon will stand up in the Supreme Court. It might get him out of there right away.

Senate Hearings on CSPAN2 are good viewing.

Bernie and Durbin cleaning Cornyn's clock.

Trump Loonies say Dominion machines in ATT Bldg.

for an audit tomorrow.

Trump won Tennessee, but Trumpers are saying Dominion machines were in the ATT Building in Nashville, where the truck bomb went off, and scheduled to be audited tomorrow.

We need a New Constitutional Amendment

There should be a new amendment to the Constitution:

An impeached president loses the power of pardon.

We have to eliminate this level of corruption in the white house for future generations. There has to be some consequence for being impeached, even though not convicted. This is an abuse we can eliminate in the future.

The post office is pretty messed up. Will the Electoral College certs get to Congress by Jan. 6?

I thought I read somewhere they would be mailed.

Lots of packages and letters and cards sitting in a 'Distribution Center' right now.
Lots of fucking mail order medications too !!

Thanks to the current president and his postmaster Louis DeJoy.
Almost looks like a plan.

Trump & DeJoys fucking of the post office delays meds

What they did to screw with the mail in ballots is now delaying some medication shipments for at least six days at this point. These are regular medicines that people need on a daily basis. Some critical to have every day. Some not advised for sudden stoppage.

I heard on pbs here in Indianapolis that about 12 trailer loads arrive nightly at the airport mail facility, but by morning only 6 trailers are leaving the airport for distribution into local post offices.

They have this so fucked up people will be dying because they can't get regular medicines, much less a vaccine.

Maybe the cutbacks to vaccine distribution are because they know it won't go anywhere if it hits the post office system at any point ?

Incompetence has been Trump's hallmark throughout this four years, now it continues.

Any chance the network hacks have contributed to the postal services problems? It wouldn't surprise me.
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