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Hundreds protest against lockdown at Polish-German border

Source: Reuters

Hundreds of people who live in Poland and work in Germany protested on Friday evening in the southwestern Polish border town of Zgorzelec against a mandatory coronavirus quarantine for those who cross the border.

Poland was one of the first European Union states to close borders due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus. It also imposed a mandatory two-week lockdown for those who enter its territory - a major jolt for those who live their lives in between two EU states.

The protest was staged on a foot bridge connecting Zgorzelec and the German town of Gorlitz, which functioned as one town before the borders were closed.

ďIíve been trapped at home for six weeks, canít cross the border, go to work. I canít go back to my students,Ē said Mirella Binkiewicz, a teacher living in Zgorzelec and working in Gorlitz.

Read more: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-cross-border-worke/hundreds-protest-against-lockdown-at-polish-german-border-idUSKCN2270BE

The effects of closure of borders within the EU...

Appears Belgium now has most per-capita corona virus deaths

The chart below shows per-capita deaths of the five hardest hit counties, and then the US for reference. The starting point for each country is when it reached 5 deaths per million. Between those five and the US are the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Sweden

Stock market news live updates: Stocks rise as states mull reopening plans

Source: Yahoo

Stocks rose Tuesday as investors considered signs that states were beginning to plan for reopening parts of the economy, and braced for a choppy earnings season, as the coronavirus pandemic swept the country at the end of the first quarter.

The Nasdaq ended higher by nearly 4%, as Amazon (AMZN) shares jumped to a record high.

Federal and state officials have shifted their rhetoric around the coronavirus from solely discussing containment and distancing efforts to beginning to think about reopening portions of the country.

Read more: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/stock-market-news-live-updates-april-14-2020-221136911.html

S&P 500 up 27% from the bottom. About 16% from the previous high. Wild times.
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