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StarfishSaver's Journal
StarfishSaver's Journal
June 27, 2021

An excellent way to explain systemic racism

Any questions?

June 26, 2021

I have a question about the Miami condo collapse

I know nothing about structural engineering or building collapses, so I'm hoping any experts here can help me with something I'm wondering about ...

Why haven't more bodies been found at this point? It seems to me that a building of this size would have had lots of occupants on the side of the building that collapsed, but they don't seem to be finding many bodies, despite the number of unaccounted for people.

Is it that in a building collapse of this type, casualties are very far under the rubble and there's no way to get to them quickly? Or perhaps many of those condos were actually unoccupied? Or could there be a other explanation?

(I certainly don't want there to be a lot of casualties and I'm hoping that maybe they're weren't as many people in the building as we think) ...

It just doesn't make sense to me - But as with most things that don't make sense to me, I assume there's likely a very reasonable explanation that I just don't know yet.

Thanks in advance for any expert assessment.

June 26, 2021

Dayum! Tiffany Cross "snatched out the remaining strains of Bill Maher's hair"

Watch the whole thing. It is a Master Class in setting someone's ass straight.


June 23, 2021

Jeff Tiedrich has a message about Critical Race Theory


pro tip: if your definition of critical race theory includes the words 'marxism,' 'socialism,' 'woke' or 'cancel,' you are an unserious idiot who needs to sit the f*ck down
June 22, 2021

Chris Jones is amazing, but also an example of continuing bias against Black candidates

The fact that a man of his talent, experience, background and - well, everything - will be expected to run against the likes of Sarah Huckabee and will likely be treated with less respect and consideration is a perfect example of the uphill battle people of color have, not just in politics, but in many other areas of our society.

For example, look at this NBC Headline:

Chris Jones, a nuclear engineer and political newcomer, enters Arkansas governor's race

Candidates like Jones could ride a recent wave of people of color with limited political experience running for and getting elected to higher office.


So, Jones represents "a recent wave of people of color with limited political experience"? Seriously? This man is running against a woman whose only claim to fame is nepotism and lying - who has never run for or held political office whose only political experience was running her father's campaign, and whose only government job was standing at a White House podium and lying and attacking the press and her boss' adversaries.

And yet it is JONES who is characterized as having "limited political experience" - something that NBC suggests is unique to people of color. Because there hasn't been a recent wave of white people with limited political experience running for and getting elected to higher office.

This race is going to be very interesting

June 22, 2021

Media: Stop asking "Will the Democrats stand up for Democracy?"

The "Democrats" aren't the problem. TWO Democrats are standing in the way.

Stop acting as if this is Democratic Party problem and start focusing on the actual stumbling blocks.

June 21, 2021

WP: Garland tries to untangle the Trump legacy at the Justice Department

Three months into his new job, judge-turned-attorney general Merrick Garland, who inherited a demoralized and politicized Justice Department, is facing criticism from some Democrats that he is not doing enough to quickly expunge Trump-era policies and practices.

On a host of issues ranging from leak investigations to civil and criminal cases involving former president Donald Trump, Garland has been beset by a growing chorus of congressional second-guessers, even as he insists he is scrupulously adhering to the principles of equal justice under the law.

How he charts his way through the current controversies and still-unresolved politically sensitive cases is likely to determine how much of a long-term impact the Trump presidency has on the Justice Department.

“It’s a difficult situation to navigate. The Department of Justice is an institution like an ocean liner — it doesn’t turn around easily,” said Ronald Weich, who served as an assistant attorney general in the early days of the Obama administration.

Within that big ship, there are thousands of career prosecutors and lawyers toiling away on a host of cases that have political implications. During the Trump era, current and former Justice Department lawyers decried what they saw as the politicization of legal decisions.
“It’s not going to happen overnight, and it’s not going to happen in bulk,” said Weich, now the dean of the law school at the University of Baltimore. “Judge Garland is a very careful lawyer, and he is going to proceed very carefully.”

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