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Member since: Sat Apr 20, 2019, 03:10 PM
Number of posts: 2,375

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De Blasio on Hannity tonight at 9 pm. Anyone gonna watch?

Hannity said De Blasio can have the full show, and that he has gotten requests from some other candidates that want to be on his show.
He wouldn't say exactly who, but he hinted at Warren for one.
I can't stand Hannity's voice, so I won't be watching. i'll wait for the written text.

Hailstorm here in Raleigh NC

Been going on for over 25 minutes. I'm n a metal building. Can't hear a thing.

Is Michael Moore still on our side?

What's up with this?

"A frail old man, unable to remember things, stumbling, refusing to answer basic questions," Moore tweeted on Wednesday. "I said it in 2017 and Mueller confirmed it today All you pundits and moderates and lame Dems who told the public to put their faith in the esteemed Robert Mueller just STFU from now on."


I get lots of calls from telemarketers on my cell phone. At least 5 a day. I have over 300 numbers blocked so far. The one thing I have noticed is when I answer and start speaking in Spanish, they always hang up.
You would think they would transfer me over to someone else who can speak Spanish.
Just something I noticed.

Another cat filter turned on during a live feed. This time during discussion of a double murder.


RCMP in BC have issued a response in relation to an unfortunate technical glitch during a press conference on Friday afternoon.

RCMP Sgt. Janelle Shoihet was in the middle of providing an update on the double homicide earlier in the week, when a cat filter appeared on the screen.

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