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Skya Rhen

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Member since: Wed Apr 10, 2019, 10:56 PM
Number of posts: 2,701

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"Biden's Wild N.H. Meet-and-Greet" - Who says Biden doesn't excite people???


He surely excites me, too!

Heidi Heitkamp: Democrats, don't ditch the ACA for Medicare-for-all


Heidi is basically saying that the Democrats should put the Republican party on the defense as to what they have to offer by way of a replacement for the ACA, since they have asked the Courts to eliminate the ACA completely (including protection for pre-existing conditions).

Putting forth the MFA puts the Democrats on the defensive and gives the Republicans an opportunity to attack it without being forced to offer their own solutions for replacing the heath care that they are determined to take away from us.

Quick question - did Trump tweet, in response to Joe referring to him as a clown, as yet?

I'm not sure if I just missed it...

Today's Iowa Rally - Joe did great! He said "It's good to be back"


*** New *** Biden scoffs at Trump's attacks

Former Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday jokingly addressed the barrage of Twitter attacks President Trump aimed at him earlier in the day.

"I understand the president has been tweeting about me this morning,” Biden said at a campaign event in Iowa, followed by a laugh. “I wonder why in the hell he’s doing that."


Is there a live stream link to Joe's rally? Please?

As it turns out, in 1986, Joe introduced Cogress's 1st ever Climate Bill in the Senate

Just reported on MSNBC...

Biden stable, Bernie sags, Buttigieg surges *** NEW MONMOUTH POLL ***

West Long Branch, NJ – Diversity may be the byword for the 2020 field of Democrats, but it does not appear to be a priority in choosing a challenger to Trump according to the Monmouth University Poll. Most Democratic voters say race and gender are not factors in determining who should be the party’s presidential nominee. There have been some shifts in the current beauty contest – with a noted surge by a small city mayor – but the front-runner spot has held steady as former Vice President Joe Biden reportedly is set to jump into the race this week.


So...are you guys ready to donate on Day 1, when Joe officially announces?

I am beyond excited! I can’t wait to do my small part towards evicting the current White House occupant...
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