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Beto O'Rourke and wife Amy run in Iowa Pride 5k fun run (video)

I'm pretty sure they are the only candidate couple who participated. Not sure if anyone else showed up to cheer people on or not, though.

Edited to add all of the videos Beto streamed during the 5K


CNN just showed a clip of Beto and Mayor Pete chatting at the airport

I tracked down the photo they showed on air for anyone who missed it.

Beto O'Rourke in Atlanta Round Table on Voting Rights Plan and I Will Vote Gala(Videos)

No teleprompter, just speaking from the heart about what he truly believes. Listening to real people, the voters he wants to serve. How anyone cannot support this man is beyond me...

Powerful speech at DNC I Will Vote Gala

Voting Rights Roundtable

Democrats do NOT need to settle for less than they deserve...



Moderates and Independents support Choice and Democrats MUST bring the Courage of their Convictions

The ONLY people who support things like the Hyde Amendment are NEVER voting for a Democrat anyhow. Tolerating and nominating a candidate who panders to right wing whack jobs is not only completely unnecessary it's unacceptable.

We can do better! There are candidates who support women and girls as well as all of the other groups under attack. My candidate does. He has incredible plans on Climate Change (much of which Biden copied), Immigration, Voting Rights AND on Choice.

Here it is:

Democrats do NOT need to settle, especially on THIS issue!

Beto O'Rourke asked about Biden's support of Hyde Amendment on CBS News (VIDEO)Updated


Beto's plan on protecting a woman's choice can be read here:


Edited/Updated to add another clip related to Roe vs Wade and Planned Parenthood

O'Rourke rolls out sweeping elections, government reform proposal (The Hill)

Democratic presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke rolled out a sweeping government and elections reform proposal on Tuesday, one that would set term limits for members of Congress and Supreme Court justices and place sharp restrictions on political contributions from corporations and wealthy individuals.

The former Texas congressman will highlight the proposal during a voting rights-focused town hall event in Atlanta, Ga., Wednesday night.

The plan, O’Rourke’s third policy rollout since announcing his presidential bid in March, is made up of three parts: "Increase participation in our Democracy," "Remove barriers within our Democracy," and "Rebuild Confidence in Our Democracy.”

“We’re facing some of the greatest challenges of our lifetimes, and we can’t solve them with half-measures or only half our people—it’s going to take all of us,” O’Rourke said.

“The only way to make progress is if every single American is empowered to vote — and those who have historically been drawn out of our Democracy are able to make their voices heard so that this country can live up to its full promise and potential.”

O’Rourke’s campaign said the plan would add 50 million people to U.S. voter rolls and increase voter turnout to 65 percent by 2024. That figure would be about 10 percent higher than in the 2016 presidential election, during which turnout dipped to about 55 percent, a 20-year low.

O’Rourke’s proposal would also prohibit House members and senators from serving more than 12 years in Congress — six two-year terms for representatives or two six-year terms for senators. Supreme Court justices would not be able to serve more than 18 years, though they would still be eligible to serve on federal courts of appeal after their terms end.


See O'Rourke's Voting Rights Plan here:

View the Voter Registration Toolkit here:

Beto O'Rourke Releases Plan for Voting Rights

Voting Rights Toollkit:

This plan will:
To achieve that, we'll:
✅Stop gerrymandering
✅Ban PAC contributions
✅Expand the Voting Rights Act
✅Prevent draconian voter ID laws
✅Make election day a federal holiday
✅Enact same day & automatic registration
✅Prevent members of congress from ever becoming lobbyists


Beto O'Rourke visits Oklahoma, meets with local Democratic leaders after "historic flood"

Beto O’Rourke, candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination and former state representative of Texas’ 16th congressional district, met with Democratic leaders in Oklahoma City before visiting areas affected by severe flooding, according tweets from O’Rourke.

O’Rourke met with state Sen. Carri Hicks (D-40), Oklahoma County Commissioner Carrie Blumert and Oklahoma City Council member James Cooper. O’Rourke also met with Taz Al-Michael, College Democrats of Oklahoma president, Sache Primeaux-Shaw, Young Democrats of Oklahoma president, and Sarah Boone, High School Democrats of Oklahoma president.

Al-Michael, also an OU junior, said meeting with O’Rourke and discussing issues facing Oklahomans was “exciting,” especially because Democratic presidential candidates have tended to overlook Oklahoma.

Al-Michael said O’Rourke was interested in learning more about political issues in Oklahoma and understanding how the federal government can best help local government and the state's citizens.

“He really wanted to understand what were the needs of Oklahomans, and what things can be addressed,” Al-Michael said. “A lot of the conversation focused on infrastructure and allowing local control over some of that, infrastructure projects, and ensuring that we’re empowering our legislators and community workers to do a lot of that good work.”


Beto O'Rourke coming up on Meet The Press NEXT!!

For anyone interested!
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