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Member since: Sun Mar 31, 2019, 07:54 PM
Number of posts: 453

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Does anyone remember that IRAN helped us against ISIS in Syria and Iraq?? WTF are "proxy" forces???

We are the "proxy forces" for Saudi Arabia and Israel. If you do not understand that you are part of our really serious problems.

What if Hillary or Obama had ordered evacuation of an embassy without involving Congress?

Whatever would have been done should be done right now to Trump, Pompeo/

i wrote this yesterday. Now I cheer Elizabeth Warren for wanting rescue family farmers and other

small rural farmers. This i why I love EW.

i wrote this yesterday"
"I am tired of farmers who only lust after the soybean market and refuse to grow other crops that are much needed here getting bailout after bailout for stubborn agriculture policies. Taking the easy way out with soybeans just like they once did with tobacco. It all catches up with you eventually.

I support and buy from local farmers whenever I can. The foreign owned grocery chains continue to gouge us with smaller containers and less product for the same or more money. Fuck them all!"

When we get back in power in the Senate, we should take no prisoners. We need to be as bold and

daring as the GOP with the goal of upholding the law instead of trying to destroy it. We can settle for nothing less than complete control of the government. Wholesale cleansing of the Executive Branch in every agency. It will take at least four terms of control to get rid of the swampees hidden and embedded within the agencies but it can be done.

Something tells me that a Democratic President needs to cleanse the DOJ has her first act.

With Barr running the show and no resignations after his appearances before Congress tells me they haven't been nor are they now on the side of justice and the Constitution. I never felt they gave Holder the support he should have had and now I am certain why. They simply mostly ignored Lynch.

I knew from a former acquaintance that they leaned heavily conservative.

Umm..Iran supports bad actors across the ME. And we support....????

I am so tired of the meme about Iran. Iran has every right to protect their interests as we do. Plus, this shit is in their own backyard. We are OVER THERE. They are not over here.

I just couldn't figure out why the GOP protects its corrupt and idiotic President so much until now.

I thought at first it was "white privilege." It's not that. Trump is not considered among the elite privileged, just as Bill Clinton was looked upon as 'poor white trash' when he was elected President. The only difference was that Bill Clinton was actually very smart, savvy, and likable across a broad spectrum of people. Clinton was educated, articulate and a pretty decent man compared to Trump.

It's more about the burden white males feel to uphold everything Trump does and to protect him to try to keep him from being a total dud, a failure, and a brazen idiot following one of the best Presidents we have had who also happened to be a black man.

It's about "white pride" more than "white privilege." They have to do all they can to keep Trump from looking like the corrupt fool that he is even though it might destroy the country. If it destroys the country, they know no one will notice his idiocy because all attention will be on saving the country.

I suspect that Jr. is testifying because there is something the GOP wants us to know.

And what they want us to know will only benefit them and Trump.

Ia it just my computer or have we been hacked? the Primaries forum only shows women's clothing site

ok It' back.

I just Googled "Known Iranian attacks in the world."

Nothing came up but an alleged hacking and the time they held US student hostages over our accepting the Shah into or country for medical treatment.
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