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Member since: Sun Mar 31, 2019, 06:54 PM
Number of posts: 453

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My new bumper sticker and T-shirt


It's time for the DOJ to go back and make sure the Benghazi investigations were not witch hunts.

The Dems in Congress should ask for it.

My goddaughter was carrying triplets. They had to abort one to save the other two.

What would happen to the doctor and my goddaughter under the dracoanian anti-abortion laws today?

WTF are we waiting for, Nancy??? Don't avoid impeaching Trump because of Clinton impeachment.

The public soundly rejected what happened to Clinton because it understood that Clinton lied about a consensual sexual affair...yes under oath. But the underlying crime was not viewed as a crime by the majority of the people. And Bill Clinton was a terrific President for the economy and his decency toward diverse people. His meme was making a government more like its people and putting people first. I was there.

Trump is hugely disliked by domestic and foreign populace except for the like-minded miogynit and racists. Trump was smart to not testify under oath and that is yet another reason to impeach him.

Clinton destroyed his marriage and his own trustworthiness among family and friends. But he still respected the law and abided by it.

Trump is destroying the country, disrespects our laws and institutions, and is willfully being bribed by the Saudis, Israel, and Russia.


As soon as they make adultery punishable by 99 years in jail for male adulterers I might think about

not holding them responsible for unwanted pregnancies.

When do Trump and Jared take their Civics Test?

Neither would pass a 5th grade civics test.

Crippling sanctions is not the way to protect against terrorism or conflict. Iran, Cuba, Central Am

China, the Palestinians... how does starving people, mocking their leaders make for peace and prosperity? Think about it? It only goes to make more permanent enemies. Have we learned nothing?

It's really all about clamping down on your greatest competitors, isn't it? Underlying it all it's still about money, greed, control over other peoples' lives. If either Iran or the Palestinians were not under the weight of heavy sanctions and embargo, if the Cuba ere not suffering from our embargo, the people would be more competitive to us and Israel than China.

Without going into deep histories of economic and wealth motive covered by a lot of political and cultural hooey, the real reason throughout history for wars and conflicts has always been wealth and power and control, no matter who gets hurt or killed in the process so long as it's not the wealthy leaders at the head of the conflicts. On a smaller level, Africa's history is a mirror image of the international struggles. Those at the top have to keep their foot on the necks of those at the bottom within and outside their domains.

We are losing our competitive power in the world so we will do most anything to keep it. Few people ever think about mutual peace and prosperity.

I'm sorry, but that Alabama bill banning all abortions makes the case FOR voter suppression. nt


I get more and more impatient with our Dems in Congress each day. i keep hearing about the Trumpsters daring the Dems to impeach Trump. I keep hearing that impeachment would backfire on the Democrats and that the Independents wouldn't stand for it. I keep hear this BS and it makes me angry.

But, alas, who is conning whom? We are told nightly by the pundits that impeachment would be awful with an election coming up.

BS!! What if Nancy is holding her cards close to wait for the right time to drop the impeachment bomb. We all know that the attention span of the voting public, especially the GOPers, is as long as a gnat. What if the Dems are pretending to want all this info right away but really would like to get the impeachment rolling right around election time when everyone will be glued to their TV and radios? What if the Dems want to make certain that all the details that will be coming out about the corrupt GOP administration and their ignorant and bigoted President will get the most air and viewing time? What if the Dems are really setting up the GOP for the great fall? What if the Dems are allowing the Trumpsters to believe that they are successfully standing their ground but sucking them in for the kill?

The closer we get to the primaries and the election the more people will be paying attention.

Good move, Nancy!

If our allies want to stop us from making fools of ourselves, they should withdraw from any embargo

of Iran and Cuba and carryon business to mutually benefit themselves.
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