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Member since: Sun Mar 31, 2019, 07:54 PM
Number of posts: 453

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Watching MOJO. Do people understand that Gorsuch was NOT Trump's pick??? Nor is any other SCOTUS

pick Trump's pick. ALL the latest SCOTUS appointments have been McConnell's picks.

Do people understand that no matter who is President, the Senate is the key to SCOTUS appointments?

That the key to individual rights, human rights, civil rights rests with state and local elections?

Do Democrats understand that their messages have been focused on the least influential elections when it comes to gerrymandering, voting rights, civil rights, personal rights??

If we don't or can't make the case for voting at the state and local levels we will always lose the social and civil democratic agendas.

Preaching this for years seems to have fallen on deaf ears...even in 2016.

Forget about Trump and concentrate on his enablers, including his donors and GOP Senate and House.

Some of his biggest donors own huge businesses. Boycott or give them bad press where it counts. If their stock was profitable to you, divest and put the money in a profitable green stock. Bank where banks are not his supporters, invest in community banks and credit unions.

HISTORY!! Martyrs of the race course.



I started watching Game Of Thrones to get my mind off the sickening news.

I had to stop midway through Season 2. It' too much like the daily news and the international politics of today. I'll just keep watching MSNBC and CNN when I want to be disgusted with the human race.

I hope McConnell and the rest of the GOP are happy with their KING and is Hand, Barr.

So, Trump and Barr are going to help Putin locate his mole?

What the hell is the name of the body governing the legal profession. Why haven't they disbarred Barr already?

He's a perjurer, ok..liar, deceiver, and a danger to the safety and security of this nation. I hope to be able to see both Trump and Barr in prison when Trump loses in 2020.

If Trump can't be impeached, nobody can. If Barr can't be disbarred, nobody can.

Both of them need to go in order to save the nation. The new mantra and bumper stickers should be

Disbar Barr and trump Trump!

Some countries are rebelling against international Trumpism.


Germany hold "no to nationalism" rallies.

So, Alabama, the second poorest state in the country is against abortion even by rape or incest"

i really don't get it.

What if we gave a war and nobody came?

Only the US, Israel, and SA are looking for a war with Iran. iranians don't want war, they want survival and a competitive economy.

Two reasons Trump pulled out of the Iran deal was he wanted to trash any success that Obama had and Israel wanted Trump to front their war with Iran.

Trump will negotiate in a heartbeat with Iran so that he can say he struck a better deal than Obama. He really doesn't give a shit about Israel or peace. He just engaged them the way he has because Obama didn't. Bibi know this and uses it to his advantage. Obama is Trump constant albatross. It hangs around his neck and every action he takes or doesn't take. He only hates Hillary so much because Obama didn't. Check his past comments and events regarding Hillary.

Trump and the GOP have serious Obama derangement and the folks around him don't understand how deep and serious it is.
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