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Member since: Sun Mar 31, 2019, 07:54 PM
Number of posts: 453

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DOJ refuses to turn over tapes and other material to Federal Judge Sullivan.

This looks a lot like maybe a racist move. Judge Sullivan is black. So now Barr is having his minions in the DOJ refuse a judges order...this is going to enrage a lot of voters. If you want something to rev up the black voters just make a move to thwart a high ranking black official in favor of doing Trump's bidding. There may be some legitimate legal argument for this refusal but I don't think so.


So Barr says Democrats are messing up the country, He must own one of the Trump apartments that

have gone under. I wonder how much he lost?

US will use military force if Iran attacks US INTERSTS. They don't eve have to attack us, just our

interests. WTF! Any excuse will do. Really easy for false-flag ops.


Barr should be disbarred in the jurisdictions where he is licensed to practice. nt

So now according to Trump, John McCain "killed healthcare?"

i guess I missed that?

What a deplorable, disgusting individual is this monster names Donald Trump.

This is what you get, Democrats, when you don't learn to fight fire with fire.

Trump is now handing Mueller his ass on a platter. That's why Mueller should have gone all out on

Trump. Trump is not holding back of smearing Mueller. Mueller had the power to thwart this bastard yesterday but he didn't. He deserves what he is getting now. It is sickening.

I was very angry at Mueller yesterday and when his report first came out.

But now I am beginning to think that he actually is forcing the Congress to regain their equal status with the Executive and Judicial branches of government. If the House does not Impeach, they will lose that status forever.

Mueller just told Congress to do their fucking job and impeach the MF!!

Is Mueller going help or hurt the cause against Trump?

I will confess. I am worried about anything Mueller might say. He is still Barr's close friend.

Binging Game of Thrones doesn't help.
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