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Member since: Sun Mar 31, 2019, 07:54 PM
Number of posts: 453

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This from the Mueller report, and nothing can change it: Trump is an illegitimate President.

He may not go to prison. He may not be found guilty of any crime while President. We can only hope that Congress will do their duty and impeach Trump. But even if they do not, honest people will know and dishonest people will deny it but Trump will have to live with it in his gut. He would not have been President had it not been for Russian interference and their ability to use many "useful fools" to slime and malign his opponents on both sides. He will know forever that he is, in fact, an illegitimate President. His self-branding as a mega-brilliant billionaire and the best business man alive, the greatest military strategist of all time, the greatest negotiator of all time...is the real hoax.

The fact that more career employees of the Justice Dept have not even peeped about the

partisan misbehavior of the AG, by leak or by protest, should tell us all something that is pretty frightening. When Obama was President, there were countless attacks against both his AG appointments from inside the Justice Dept. They were bogus charges so nothing ever came of the leaks or whispers except the GOP hearings that proved to be a waste of time and money.

I am reminded of a quote I saw here once: "Your institutions will not save you."

Can Barr be held in contempt of Congress? Can he be impeached? nt

In my opinion, no reputable media outlet should cover Barr's press conference until AFTER Congress

gets is copy of the report. Give the devils no place. Why cover everything they do and say? Indifference should be the rule of the day with these lawless, disrespectful men and women who are the Trump administration.

Barr presser tomorrow: Perhaps Rachel's reporting, the WaPo article, and CNN coverage of Barr's

history as AG has them a little uneasy. For sure, Barr's creditability and integrity are questionable, if not non-existent, according to all his past history of lying and deceit.

There is no way Congress should accept anything from this AG. They should show Barr the same indifference, and disrespect that he has shown them. If Trump and his administration can scoff at and ignore the laws on the books, surely a Democratic House does not have to accept or respect anything coming out of this DOJ at this time. Anything Barr touches is tainted.

Why are Rachels colleagues seemingly ignoring that expose she did on Barr last night?

Barr's history that Rachel exposed last night seems mighty important to me. Congress should pay attention and the media should be reporting on his past more than they are.

The entire Trump administration is unhinged. What will ever stop them?

Cuba, asylum seekers, immigration, taxes...

All their policies designed to stick it to the powerless, the dispossessed. the poor and minorities.

When will Democrats and the rest of us step up.

All this is happening while Trump has the courts stacked including the SCOTUS. Evil is prevailing.

So, if I can give a speech to a Wall Street Brokerage firm for $250,000, why should you care?

Go give a speech.

After filing my taxes from a blue state, I am only spending my vacation money in other blue states.

Weaponizing the tax cuts was the last straw for me. I may be fighting lonely boycotts and spending strategies but I am fed up with Trump and his RW evil doers. I bet half of the red state folks didn't even file taxes and there will be no penalties on them. I would love to see the stats on this year's taxes.

Does anyone else find it strange that both the President and the AG spoke the same words about

the same time yesterday about "spying?"

It seems the AG and the President are forming a somewhat troublesome alliance against the government and against the people.
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