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Member since: Sun Mar 31, 2019, 07:54 PM
Number of posts: 453

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This Mueller report ought to make it easier for additional GOP to come out to primary Trump.

They should no longer be afraid. Trump has been exposed and so has Barr. Take them both down. No GOP can beat the candidate the Democrats will put forth.

All of our Dem candidate should go home over the holiday armed with the Mueller report.

Hold town halls with constituents about their economic, health, job concerns BUT be ready to open the pages of the Mueller report when and if asked by constituents about the report.

Most folks need context. Give it to them. Point out Barrs obvious lies and put him also in spotlight for impeachment.

Any move against the SDNY by Trump's AG should be grounds for immediate impeachment.

Nancy should make that clear.

All our candidates must speak forcibly about the findings of the Mueller report.

They must be able to refute every spin by Barr and the FOX echo chamber. They can't do that unless they read word for word of the report that was just made available. And they all should use that a springboard for calling for release of the un-redacted report to at least Congress.

After this scathing report, pressure should be put on those among the GOP in Congress who

have an ounce of integrity left to join with Democrats to begin impeachment hearings if only to get the release of an un-redacted report to those in Congress who have the clearance and authority to see it.

It should only take two or three GOP with sincere love of country to throw in the towel on protecting this corrupt, dishonest, unpatriotic, lawless President.

At what point do honest, true journalists pack up and leave FOX?

Surely there has to be a few good men and women there who put country first.

Something really needs to be done about FOX and their really "fake news."

One huge thing the Mueller report has done is confirm many media reports that Trump referred to as "fake news." The creditability of FOX and Friends and most of the rest of them has been shot to shit by the Mueller report but many of their viewers will never know unless they read the report for themselves.

Democrats must spend money to prepare audio streaming or discs for those who can't read, or

the people, especially the people who are too lazy to read, the full redacted Mueller report. Many Trump supporters will view
FOX and take what they spin as gospel. Putting out on audio media accessible to all voters. it won't change all the Trump supporters' minds but it will put into their minds the actual facts which can either accept or reject. Also, some elderly voters won't be able to see well enough to read through the full text. If some multimillionaire wants to donate to any of the Democratic candidates use it to put the Mueller report on audio. They can pay me, I will record it for them. .

At least the moral and political character of two powerful people are clear now. That of Trump and

Barr. They are both unethical, corrupt, sinister liars. And both should be impeached.

We now must make it clear to our Democratic leaders in Congress that Trump must be impeached.

There was enough circumstantial evidence before we saw this Mueller report. Now there is enough documented evidence and sworn testimony by Trump administration officials and others to begin Impeachment proceedings. Damn whether or not the Senate will go along. Let the chips fall where they may. JUST DO IT!!!
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