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Member since: Sun Mar 31, 2019, 07:54 PM
Number of posts: 453

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To hell with the backlash mantra! If we are going to go down (and I don't think we will) we need

to go down fighting! We fight with legislation. We fight with impeachment proceedings. We fight with plain simple truth.
We cannot fight being fearful. We cannot win being weak. We cannot be victorious being vacuous. We cannot lead being led.


When will someone explain to Trumpians that HRC never poured bleach over her server.

FOX and other RW outlets are making people believe that HRC poured liquid bleach over her hard drives. First she, herself, didn't wipe her drives because she didn't know how. Second, her attorneys or staff used software called BleachBit to wipe her drives clean after she deleted what she claims were personal e-mails that would have invaded the privacy of people who had communicated with her. She also turned over thousands of e-mails that were considered by her and her attorneys as "government related business."

The word salad surrounding this crap is dizzying. YET there has been no Democrat spokesperson to come out and explain this to people..not even HRC herself. Bill Clinton was very adept at using rapid response by his spokes people to refute the lies they were throwing at him when he was in office. Democrats seem to have lost the art of rapid response. Too bad. That's why FOX and RW media continue to clean their clocks. Only one person running seems to be able to respond to Trump with acumen: Elizabeth Warren. She is fearless and direct to the point when talking about Trump and his corrupt administration.

Trump has to be wondering how many of his other orders are not being carried out by his staff.

He has to be really seething about not really being in charge.

The voters have to understand that Trump ires people who refuse to commit felonies that he orders them to commit.

Let's face it. All the voters have to read is the Table of Contents of Vol II to know there was

obstruction of justice. It's even simple enough for the MAGA group to understand.

Convinced more than ever why Eliz. Warren is my choice.

She is the real deal. I'm with her.

Reading the Mueller Report...some things that struck me...the list will get longer.

"For example, one IRA-controlled Twitter account, @TEN_GOP, purported to be connected to the Tennessee Republican Party. More commonly, the IRA created accounts in the names of fictitious U.S. organizations and grassroots groups and used these accounts to pose as anti-immigration groups, Tea Party activists, Black Lives Matter protestors, and other U.S. social and political activists."

50: "“Main idea: Use any opportunity to criticize Hillary [Clinton] and the rest (except Sanders and Trump - we support them)."

Just overwhelmed with angst. There is so much in this report to convict Trump and at least 6 of his inner circle of perjury and obstruction of justice.

I still don't understand the former GOP candidates who continue to support Trump when Russia did as against them also. Trump really has shown the ugly underbelly of most of the GOP and many of our fellow citizens.

One thing I take away that I haven't heard mentioned is that Giuliani himself should be disbarred for his unethical and seemingly unlawful behavior in assisting Trump in trying to get others to commit felonies on behalf of Trump. Trump appears to have hired some of the most unethical legal staff possible.

Link to the full redacted report for those who want it.


Listening to the comments from voters who haven't read the report for themselves but based their

decision about the report on radio and other media outlets (mostly RW) convinces me more than ever that this report needs to be streamed in audio form or made available in other audio formats.

Pollsters do a great disservice when they fail to ask the good questions.

For example, when a Trump supporter says that Trump is a corrupt individual and not fit to be President but they are still going to vote for him because he has done great things for the country and the economy. The next question should "What specifically has he done?" The economy was in the midst of the longest recovery period when Trump took office, what did Trump do specifically to improve that?

What did Trump do to improve healthcare? The opioid crisis? Minority or black unemployment is at an all time low but all along the Obama recovery it reached points of all time lows also. How did the tax cut help you? Or did it?

What is Trump's immigration plan? Is it working? Why do we have more people now at our borders if his plan is working?

Do you think we are safer now than before Trump came to office?

Really, most Trump supporters love him because he, like them, is a pure bigot and racist.

The strategy for tying the Mueller report to bread and butter issues is being developed.

But that still won't matter. The 30% still do not really care about economic issues. They want to elect the people who hate the same people they hate. That is so obvious when you view the latest polls and interviews with Trump supporters.

They just don't care. They love to hate and they want their hate to be successful.
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