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Member since: Sun Mar 31, 2019, 07:54 PM
Number of posts: 453

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To Mike Crapo: Yes, there is bias in the FBI. Most of it is conservative bias against Dems.

There is bias on both sides. A very close look into what happened with the investigations against HRC will uncover the bias against her if the investigation is honestly done.

Kamala just cleaned Barr's clock! nt

AA women are the base we should be listening to. They have been right in every election.

They were right about Bill Clinton (think what the economy was like then and how you felt about your life); they were right about Al Gore (we likely would not have had an Iraq war and maybe not even a 9/11); they were right about Hillary Clinton (and we certainly would not have had the horrible person we now have in the WH). I feel they are now right about Joe Biden. Warren is my choice for the purpose of her policy positions. Biden is my choice for defeating Trump first.

Biden is the candidate who can speak to the rust belt, the patriotic and lovable Archie Bunkers

and get them to understand what exactly is at stake when they disparage America's embrace of immigrants, when they turn their eyes and ears away from the interference of another nation like Russia into our politics and how that allows control of our nations wealth and economy by "outsiders." It has happened too much already with most of our legacy companies having been sold to groups outside of our nation. Most of these companies carry their legacy names but are totally owned and controlled by non-citizens who don't really care if we all get along or not.

There is a link to how McConnell thwarted a call to investigate Russian interference into the 2016 campaign, the lifting of Obama sanctions against Russian oligarchs, and now a huge investment of over 200 million by a Russian into Kentucky. Talk about quid quo pro... It has happened all over this country and corporate owners indifferent to American values have depressed wages, workplace safety, worker benefits, and our healthcare.

joe can speak to these issues in a way to get these people to really understand what is going on around them and their prejudices and insecurities are being used against them, in fact, seeds of hate, disrespect, intolerance are being sowed everyday among were none had taken roots prior to Trump.

So even the media and WH Correspondence Dinner organizers have succumbed to Trump's bullying.

Trump is a bully, typical bully. He can't take a hit but loves to give them out. We have allowed this functional idiot to change our social and political lives forever. Only thing left is for him to change our spiritual lives and he is well on the way to doing that.

O meed extra time and effort to even meditate.

Are we really going to allow an issue like voting rights for prisoners pull us apart before 2020?

Yes, it's an important issue but not a critical issue now. The critical issue now is protecting, preserving, and ensuring voting rights for non-prisoners, even voting rights for felons who have served their time and are now law-abiding citizens who have had their rights taken away. Voting rights for prisoners is an issue we can debated AFTER we win the 2020 House, Senate, and Presidency!

Please stop trying to make Joe Biden a PHONY!

Context is everything. Joe apologized as he thought best. There is no perfect apology for anyone.

It's a matter of the heart and soul with Joe. I believe he is sincere. I believe he cares. I don't believe any of this about Trump.

I am a black woman. Believe me, no matter what happens in the primaries, if Joe is left standing and it's between him and Trump, there is no question I am voting for Biden. I am not sitting it out. I am not voting third party. I am not voting write-in. I am voting for whomever the Democrats select as their nominee. It's just too important not to.

How does one get in touch with the Biden campaign WITHOUT being blocked by a donor page?

Some important info for his campaign.

Are we there yet, Nancy?

Just finished watching a channel called BOUNCE. Wow! The Color Purple was amazing acting to me.

The movie received poor reviews when it came out years ago so I never watched it. I guess I don't understand what the critics base their critique on. The story line was great and the acting was Oscar worthy for all roles.

The previews of Bounce programming were enticing. I think I have to abandon cable news for a while to clear my head and give this station a binge try.
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