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Member since: Sun Mar 31, 2019, 07:54 PM
Number of posts: 453

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He just lies, lies, lies and no one calls him out while he is lying. Get this beast out of office.

Just watching the lattest show stopper with Trump on his way to his copter. The media is practically useless in getting at the truth.

Our unscrupulous business operators have already raised prices on the merchandise that MIGHT be

affected by China tariffs and Trump's tariffs. The items could hardly be affected by higher tariffs until at least a month from now but our beloved and patriotic businesses (mostly owned by foreigners unknown to us) have already increased their prices and gasoline stations have raised their prices under the guise of tensions with Iran.

None of those tariffs even affect current inventories but here we are again with the gouging of the consumer because there is nothing to or no-one to stop it. That's why Elizabeth Warren is my fav but will never be elected because the draconian folk who own and run our businesses, retailers, auto-dealerships and manufacturers are gleefully gouging us again.

A toothless government can do nothing about really helping its people.

We are going to start a war with Iran to cover up Trump's fuck-ups!

It's just that simple. It's just that disgusting. It's just that maddening. And it is just that obvious.

More boondoggle subsidies for farmers...the one who make a living from not growing...but getting

subsidies none the less. Yes, there are a handful of farmers who will not benefit from these latest subsidies, especially small family and minority farmers. It's all a racket where the rich just get richer for screwing us more and more.

China really doesn't have to come back to the table. Trump opened the door, bared his business soul

and now they have him strung out. China has already begun buying goods from other markets. China is already heavily into Africa; we are not. China is already into neglected areas of world markets; we are not. China doesn't have to tamper with our elections. All they have to does watch Trump "self-impeach."

They don't trust Trump, they don't respect him, they don't like him and they are not afraid of him. They really have him by his weakest parts.

Someone please explain to me this economic situation and our reaction to it.

Trump spokespeople on trade with China keep saying that it will mean some SHORT TERM PAIN for consumers but in the long run it will be worth it. WTF does that mean?

We are and have been since i can remember, the #1 world economy. Trump keeps saying that businesses want to move here and from all over the world financial systems want to invest here. Our corporations with all their tax breaks and farmers with all their subsidies have been making record profits and their stockholders have gained huge dividends and profits as well. ALL THIS HAS BEEN ACCOMPLISHED UNDER THE PRESENT TRADE POLICIES WITH CHINA. China holds 90% of our debt. So what is it that we are hoping to accomplish with these negotiations with China. Our trade with China has made it possible for ordinary men and women who work for stagnant wages have been able to afford a few of the so-called "luxuaries" of life and a comparatively high standard of living to the rest of the world. So what are we trying to accomplish with Trumps tariffs and trade negotiations.

How much profit is enough? How much return on investment is enough? Where is the point of diminishing returns if we are making life more economically difficult for more and more people just because they don't look like us? How long before their misery consumes us all?

Short term pain is pain only for working men and women. The wealthy have so much they won't even notice the rise in prices. They only recognize a drop in dividends and profit by 1 or 2 percent. It's not just the nature of our national life style that is changing forever, our collective soul is being totally destroyed.

When you see GOP spokesmen for Trump like Ted Yoho, it's always that some other country is bad


I'm just wondering why any international leader would negotiate with a know liar?

The stated objective is to HURT the Chinese and make them come to our terms for trade. Why would I agree to your terms when you plainly have stated that you want to hurt me?

Same is true with Iran. Neither we nor our allies can stand to compete. They pretend that capitalism is the best economic system ever...but they don't want to compete. We subsidize our corporations with our own kind of corporate welfare and yet we complain about others doing the same. No matter what, there seems to be an insatiable quest for more and more profits. I thought in a truly capitalist economy you do business for profits but take losses as part of the business. Why do profits have to increase year over year until they drive a business out and workers lose their jobs and/or benefits? AND why should a business that make a 300% profit over their base year pay no taxes for the lifetime of their business?

Yeah, it's whatever the market will bear but working people get it from both ends, low pay and the market prices that the uber wealthy set for us by spending their wealth no matter what the cost. We working people (earned income folks) are screwed!

Burr will probably lose his Senate position because of his trying to be honest and abide by law.

Wait for it.

Here me now, Democrats: Our future lies in winning Senate seats. Take that to the bank.

We must run candidates in every Senatorial race in 2020. Fight has hard for them as we do Presidential candidates. Even run some Dems as GOP contenders. Don't tell me it is impossible. The GOP has done it for years. We can at least make them spend the money to fight us.NEVER GIVE UP!!

They say many GOP vote with Trump because they fear a campaign challenge. Well, let's make sure their fears are warranted.
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