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Member since: Sun Mar 31, 2019, 06:54 PM
Number of posts: 453

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So, college sailing coach gets no time in collage entrance scandal. Remember the teachers in the

inner city school that helped kids with testing...they went to jail. They lost their jobs. They didn't benefit either from their helping the kids. Their simply is not justice for most blacks in this America.

We pay farmers to not grow food, we subsidize Soy bean farmers cause China needs soybeans...???

Why can't we send food that would otherwise be plowed under or thrown away here to places like Guatemala and other central American countries and maybe the people would not migrate to Mexico trying to get here to find food and safety. For health reasons alone we could shipped excess food products to even our own inner city and rural homeless shelters. What is wrong with people?

Climate change deniers and other fools do not want to take in peoples negatively affected by climate change/global warming but they also don't want to do anything about fighting global warming or environmental hazards.

I still believe that people would rather stay in their indigenous surroundings as long as they are SAFE, can earn a living and can provide food and shelter and clean water for their families.

Basic needs for most people can be met with the water resources and food from the industrial west and tyrannical Arab nations.

WAGES: What's so difficult to figure out? Full employment, stocks soaring, interest low???

It's simple to me. PROFITS!!! Obscene profits for investors and corporations and neither of them want to shave off their profits to pay living wages to people who have to EARN a living. It's the same all over the world and it all adds up to GREED made possible by corruption and obscene power of the privileged. The stuff that revolutions are made of.

Can we chant "Lock him up!" since Madam Speaker would like to see Trump in prison? nt

I don't mind Joe's stance on the Hyde amendment even though I would like to see it rescinded.

It's his position that choice and Roe v Wade is fine. He just doesn't want Federal dollars used to pay for abortions. The Hyde amendment does allow for that in the case of rape, incest or danger to the life of the mother. He is entitled to that opinion so long as he abides by the settled law of Roe v Wade. It's an opinion or value he holds. I just do not believe that he would actively pursue removing "choice" from the law. Every candidate is going to hold a position with which some of us will not agree. Here we go again with the purity test on everything. The greatest challenge for us to be pure about is to remove Trump from office.

If impeachment causes us to lose in 2020 so be it. It's as though we lost in 2018 right now.

We seem to have no power with what we won or at least we act as though we have no power.

If impeachment is not upheld in the Senate, so what. Trump will still have to win in 2020 and I just do not believe that a solid majority of the voters will vote for him. If they do and we win the Senate and keep the House, we can impeach him again.

Trump faking interest in history. Hey Trump, Obama is related to G. Washington, you're not.

Dems should keep on investigating Trump up to the elections and then beat him at the polls.

Then we can sit back an watch all the civil, criminal suits hitting citizen Trump.

Sometimes the media IS the problem. MSNBC, asks Jared Kushner about Trump and racism.

What the hell do you expect Kushner to say about his FIL's racism? What a wasted interview.i

So what can or should Judge Sullivan do in light of DOJ refusal to turn over documents?

Whatever he does, i sure hope other jurists support him and do so publicly, quickly, and loudly.

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