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Member since: Sun Mar 31, 2019, 06:54 PM
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Trump and Bolten started this shit with Iran. Now we will have to put up or shut up.

All the talk about bringing Iran back to the negotiating table misses on huge point. The Iranians did not walk away from the table. Trump did.

Even our news media is falling for the BS. We (pushed by Saudi Arabia and Israel) are the direct cause of this current situation and our media is going along.

And our allies will be reluctant to go along with our BS

This is heartbreaking and un-nerving. Why should the culprits be allowed a plea deal for only 1 year


It happened in 2017. Two Navy Seals charged with killing Green Beret. So far one is allowed to take a plea deal for one year in prison, loss of wages and rank. WTF?? the CP5 served much more time for not killing anyone.

Take a look at the face of the Green Beret. The entire story involves discovery of Navy Seals and others in illicit money scandal as well.

Will the FED stand up to Trump or not?

Is there any entity of our government or Republic that will stand up to 45?

Really sad how the media and many Hillary detractors in 2016 seem to have little problem with 45

raising 24 million in 24 hours. They just sit back in awe. Yet when a Democrat, especially HRC received huge contributions from Hollywood and other entertainment stars and was paid for speeches on Wall Street it was disqualifying for exciting the Democratic base to get out and vote. Trump's base doesn't care where his money comes from, obviously. They just like the fact that if he has it, nobody else does. Yet we don't even know from where 45' big contributions come. At least the media is not raising the question. Our dubious quest for the PERFECT progressive brought us here and here we may remain.

Just saw live shot. In and around Trump is full. Saw empty seats the upper bleachers.

Doesn't seem to be maximum crowd to me.

What's the official real count at this rally? Didn't appear to be as big as others.

Any DUers in FL? At the rally? Check in and let us know what is going on.

My relatives there say the crowds are huge and many seem to come from outside Orlando.

Trump's announcement on deportation of millions is just for tonight's campaign kick-off.

After that...nada.

About that immigration crackdown:

Democrats need to make it known that, much to our chagrin, Obama in 2012, deported more immigrants than Trump has ever done up to now. Democrats are being made out to want more ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. Answer that charge with facts by the numbers and show how under Trump more immigrants have crossed our southern border under Trump than in the last years of the Obama administration.

Next, bring undocumented immigration home. Talk about the millions who are here from all over the world who have overstayed their visas and who also are a burden on the social network that Trump talks about. Bring these people out from the shadows and make them understand that they too are a port of the category of Undocumented and therefore, "illegal" immigrants. This issue touches every community in the United States and includes a lot of undocumented Russians that no one is talking about. If ICE is going to enforce immigration laws, make them enforce them across the board. It will not go well for Trump because many of these undocumented immigrants live in suburbia and major upperclass neighborhoods where they stay with naturalized relatives in mini-mansions in large numbers. (See those huge homes with 5-7 autos parked in driveways and along tree studded streets. There are enclaves of these undocumented immigrants living in gated communities...some running organized crime syndicates for foreign Asian, Russian, Dutch and Irish mobs. (Check out your local crime reports if they dare record the facts.)

The immigration and undocumented situation is much more than meets the current eyes of the citizens. Trump administration forces the media to ignore everything except the Mexican border while our northern border goes virtually untouched.

Then, there is the situation with employers, like the Trumps, who hire undocumented workers and protect their immigration status. Is Trump going to talk about clamping down on these corrupt employers, including himself and his family?

Is he going to pledge to stop the chain migration of Asian and Russian women who come her pregnant to have their babies and then claim the child's citizenship to bring in the rest of their families? Where is the accounting for the unseen and unexamined they pose to our social safety net?

Bring it ALL on, I say. They need to put up or shut up! Do your job Democrats, educate the people and call out all the GOP who support the one percent's illegal immigration systems.

I hope the DNC has a plan for our candidates to respond to Trump's campaign speech tonight. Out

on the trail they must ALL be able to respond to facts regarding the lies and misinformation that Trump will be spewing tonight. Dems will need rapid responses to all the BS that you know is coming including facts that the number of immigrants crossing our southern border has increased under Trump...show the numbers. Deficit spending, increase in carbon emissions, tax cuts for the wealthy, lack of good paying jobs, latest job numbers, our individual and national credit debt, assault on our environment, corporate and farm welfare because of tariffs, and the new NAFTA being the same as the old NAFTA, the damage that pulling out of the TPP and our loss of influence in international markets, Iran situation being more dangerous, the ME on edge for greater hostilities, making friends with the worlds worse autocrats and making enemies of friends etc.

Joe has it right about the country being more hostile to each other. The increase in the number of mass shootings and deaths by guns, military homelessness, general homelessness, corruption of administration officials, collusion with Russia, Saudi Arabia, and how the dictators flatter Trump to get what they want, the need to protect the country from Trump's leaking to foreign enemies.

We need to come out strong in all the town hall meetings and challenge and fact check everything Trump will be saying tonight. AND we need to hold the media accountable for what they cover and how they cover it. Their 2016 coverage also contributed to the outcome.
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