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Member since: Sun Mar 31, 2019, 06:54 PM
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Quick to say that the explosion of the oil refinery in Philly is unrelated to the Iran situation.

I hope they are correct. If there is another incident like it, all bets are off. Russia is not the only country that embeds operatives.

When you have CIC who doesn't read, doesn't like briefings, is a coward, is a functional illiterate,

is a racist, a homophobe, a misogynist, a fraud, an adulterer, a scammer, a schemer, a bully, a chicken-hawk, a liar---this is what you get.

Somebody must have told him that he would leave Obama as the only President who didn't START a major conflict in recent history
and that he would have to take responsibility for any lives lost and resources used. This is a man who takes responsibility for nothing that he does on his own.

So why did Trump call off his attack?

I bet the Iranians could prove the drone was in their waters.

But the main thing is that Trump is a bully and like all bullies, he is a coward. He is afraid to even take responsibility for the outcome. He was ok with the attacks military operations in Syria because they were planned and begun under Obama and had anything gone terribly wrong, he could always blame it on Obama.

This incident with Iran would make any and all responses the sole responsibility of Trump and his fellow chicken-hawks.

I knew all along the brass would be planning an attack and Trump was smugly acting like he could keep a big secret yesterday at his presser with Trudeau. So now he is playing "good cop-bad cop" with his foreign non-policy. It's really scary that this charlatan is Commander-in-Chief.

That said, I am really, really grateful that the attack was called off. Many innocent lives were saved.

How do you folks feel about the Navy Seal trial?


Bombshell. Remember, the new witness was given immunity.

DAMN!! Why is it that Rachel and Larry can get to the guts of the news and no others i

We only hear the same stuff on CNN and MSNBC from 5 am to 7 PM. To me, the stuff Rachel just reported on (Hope Hicks and the quick movement of scientists in DOA) is huge stuff that is going on under the radar.

At least under other Presidents when agencies were cutting down and relocating the employees were given at least a year's notice and options for buyouts and offers for relocation expenses. This administration is all in for dismantling the Federal government as quickly as possible. There aim is to do as much damage as possible in the short time they have remaining.

Cutting advisory committees, stop staffing top positions, and this movement of scientists is a crash course in how to destroy your government. Take notice because it could happen to anyone working for the government. They seem to be moving the jobs to areas ill equipped to perform the necessary work...namely red states. No regard for family situations and hardships. We will be surprised at how people react when many middle class workers retaliate.

Make no mistake. We are not going to invade Iran. We are not having a ground war with Iran.

We are simply going to bomb them into eternity, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children and making a slew of new enemies all over the world.

Our economy and social safety network will be shattered but the wealthy will keep on yachting and journeying to their play lands in Asia and Europe.

Our national laws, having been shattered by a lawless administration and unpatriotic, ignorant following will leave most of us with out any protections from civil or criminal justice.
In the meantime, the purity police will march on, taking the Democratic party onward to despair in a second Trump term.

Hmm...if the wreckage of the drone is in Iranian waters where was it when it was shot down?

It could not possible be "way inside international waters" if the wreckage is clearly inside Iranian waters...could it?

Don't buy it for one moment. We are about to strike in Iran...Trump can't really fake anything,

His soft and seemingly reasonable response to the Iranian downing of our drone, is a cover for what the US/Israel are planning to do within 48 hours.

The incident I heard on the radio a while ago said the drone turned toward Iranian air space. Didn't say the drone was IN Iranian airspace, just that it had turned and was headed toward Iranian airspace.

We shall see. I am just not buying this low key crap. I think you can believe Lindsey in this case.

Provoking Iran just in time to start BS before the Dem debates. Timing is everything.

Master diverter.

Why Des progressives need to chill out over Biden.

The constant balking at Joe will split the crucial black voter that Dems cannot win without. The black vote is a solid block, that had it voted as they usually do, would have brought it home for Hillary in MI and PA. It was divided by purity seekers and we got Trump. If it is divided again, we will still have Trump and McConnell. Play the long game for the 2020 election and than hold the winner's feet to the fire. We have to be more strategic than we were in 2016.
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